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5 Ways to Win Vouchers & Cash Prizes!

Complete these short surveys about DUSA The Union for your chance to win a selections of prizes! Interested in helping improve DUSA | The Union – take 10 minutes of your time to complete a questionnaire on DUSA advertising and new innovative ideas and you could win...

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Student Led Teaching Awards

Do you have a lecturer that goes above and beyond the call of duty? Or do they give great feedback on assessment? Is their method of teaching innovative? Or are they overall an inspiration to yourself and/or others? If any of the above applies to any of your academic...

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Healthy Study – Meet the guide-dog puppies!

We know this time of year can be very stressful, which is why it's very important to take breaks and keep your health in mind. We’re hosting events and online content from 21st November to 11th December for the healthy study campaign. Just to keep you in the loop...

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The University & DUSA Reaffirm Partnership

The University of Dundee and Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) have signed the 2016-17 Student Partnership Agreement (SPA), reaffirming their joint commitment to enhancing student engagement, employability and now digital representation. First developed...

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Students Choose RAG Charity

University of Dundee students have voted MS Therapy Centre as their 2016 Raising and Giving (RAG) Charity. With well over 300 votes cast for 20 different charity nominations, MS Therapy Centre, was chosen as the charity of choice by the students at Dundee University...

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Your New SRC Councillors and RAG Charity

Our new Student Representative Council (SRC) and Raising and Giving (RAG) charity can finally be announced! The Election Results Party on Friday night had an incredible atmosphere, and was impeccably hosted, even if I do say so myself (in all seriousness, apologies to...

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Meet your 2016/17 SRC Candidates

The SRC nominations have now closed and we can at-last announce your 2016/17 candidates! 23 students have put their names forward in the hope of taking a position on the Student Representative Council. Each position is unique, focusing on a different area of student...

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How Exercise Can Help You Study

With resits on the way this report explains how exercise will not only improve your physical health, but also help your memory. Highlights Performing aerobic exercise 4 hr after learning improved associative memory Exercise at this time also increased hippocampal...

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How to do an Inventory

Over the summer lots you will be moving into new flats. It is therefore really important that you take the time to make sure a proper inventory is done. One of the most common housing problems that DUSA advise on are those students who don’t get their deposit back....

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