DUSA Stands With Students Against Chancellor’s Budget

July 8, 2015 | DUSA The Union
Exec, News

In response to the proposed changes to maintenance grants for University students who come from low-income families, Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) raised its opposition to the budget announcement from The Chancellor, George Osborne. For RUK students in Scotland this could result in £12,000 of debt on top of the debt already incurred in maintenance grants and tuition fees.

The President of DUSA, Tim Hustler stated that, “As a student, having the opportunity to choose the right University and right course for your future is an essential element to the student experience in the UK. The Chancellor’s announcement today puts into question whether, for those from the lowest-income backgrounds in England and Wales, will have the chance to build a new future through Higher Education. Dundee has a large amount of students from the rest of the UK and they add to both the life and culture of both the City and campus. These new proposals will be detrimental to students from other parts of the UK if the decide to study in Dundee. Ultimately prospective students do not wish to incur huge amounts of debt early on in their life. This will have a huge knock on effect to their credit rating and financial stability especially if they wish to get a mortgage further down the line. I urge the government to reconsider these proposals for the benefit of Higher Education, which should be a right and not a privilege.”