Your SRC


The Student Representative Council is one of the oldest student bodies at the University of Dundee and has been responsible for raising the student voice on campus since the University was founded. The SRC is an elected body of students and has a series of important responsibilities which make sure that students have a lead role in deciding how DUSA can best serve students.

The SRC meets four times a semester to discuss issues that matter to our students and develop solutions and answers to big questions on campus.

The Council is also made up of the DUSA Executive, School Presidents, Independent Member of Court (IMC) and other positions. Along with the SRC Chair, the DUSA Exec, School Presidents and IMC are elected in the spring elections in the second semester. Each SRC member has a specific area of student life that they represent, covering everything from the 1st Year Rep to a Mature Rep, Disabilities Rep and an Equality, Diversity and Welfare Rep. In addition to the DUSA Exec, the council is made up of the following SRC members and School Presidents.

SRC Meeting Recordings & Minutes

SRC Meeting Recordings & Minutes


Read the minutes from this meeting here: Minutes from SRC meeting of January