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The Student Representative Council is one of the oldest student bodies at the University of Dundee and has been responsible for raising the student voice on campus since the University was founded. The SRC is an elected body of students and has a series of important responsibilities which make sure that students have a lead role in deciding what DUSA should be fighting for on student’s behalf.

The SRC meets four times a semester to discuss issues that matter to our students and develop solutions and answers to big questions on campus. 

SRC Motions Passed 2021/22

Review the changes that have been presented in Bye-Law 2, Standing Orders and Code of Conduct.
To vote on the proposed amendments to Bye-Law 2 and to provide views on the development of the Standing Orders and Code of Conduct so they can be completed and enacted.

Passed – COMPLETED 26/10/21

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Environmental and Sustainability campaign intended to make students more aware of the critical environmental situation globally and locally and provide them with tools to make a change on the individual level.

Launch a sustainability campaign for UoD students during semester 2 of academic year 2021-2022.

Passed – COMPLETED 25/01/22 

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The SRC to show support for the Law Clinic Proposal.

To provide the School Management and University Executive Group (UEG) with an extensive outline to why Dundee Law School should be provided with additional resources to re-establish its legal clinic.

Passed – COMPLETED 15/02/22

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Support the organisation of a regular and exclusive trans and non-binary swimming group for the University of Dundee and University of Abertay student bodies.


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Support the organisation of a regular and exclusive trans and non-binary swimming group for the University of Dundee and University of Abertay student bodies.


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a)The creation of a school sustainability representative position for each school.

b) The participation of the sustainability representatives in a new student-staff climate working group.


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Support the well-being and health of student sex workers by:

1) publicly calling for decriminalisation of sex work and advertising its support for students involved in sex work;

2) engaging with expert training by sex workers and their allies both for the university generally and specifically for frontline support staff;

3) campaigning appropriately against proposed legislation from the Government and campaigning in favour of decriminalisation.


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Check here to see the latest motions from the SRC.


The Council is also made up of the DUSA Executive, School Presidents, Independent Member of Court (IMC) and other positions. Along with the SRC Chair, the DUSA Exec, School Presidents and IMC are elected in the spring elections in the second semester. Each SRC member has a specific area of student life that they represent, covering everything from the 1st Year Rep to a Mature Rep, Disabilities Rep and an Equality, Diversity and Welfare Rep. In addition to the DUSA Exec, the council is made up of the following SRC members and School Presidents.

Who sits on the SRC?

The “Woman’s Rep” focuses on supporting students who identify as female to have the best learning experience possible.

Whether running their own or contributing to campaigns that tackle female specific issues, such as Period Poverty, Gender Based Violence and other issues of Gender Inequality that may act as a barrier to education.

Representative takes a lead in ensuring that students who identify with the BME community have a strong voice and are supported by the University and DUSA.

Helping with and creating engagement events that celebrate BME culture and running Campaigns which enhance the university experience of BME students.

The BME rep is a member of the Black Lives Matter working group with the University and DUSA.

The LGBT+ Representative takes a lead in ensuring that students who identify with the LGBT+ community have a strong voice and work with DUSA and University services to raise awareness of their needs.

Supporting the DUSA Executive in campaigns to raise awareness and further build a community of LGBT+ students, such as LGBT+ History Month, World AIDS Day, Trans Awareness Week.

Works with University student groups, societies, the staff network to advise and recommend lasting changes to improve LGBT+ representation on campus.

Ensuring that equality and diversity are integrated into all SRC activity and those fellow councilors are aware of its importance.

Collaborate with the Vice President of Student Wellbeing and equality, diversity and welfare leads at the University and DUSA to develop campaigns that promote wellbeing, inclusion and diversity.

Be a voice to support students who are affected by equality issues and support both DUSA and UoD with action to redress their concerns.

To support the voice of students identifying as having a disability, working with DUSA leads and Disability Services to raise awareness of services and support available to disabled students, visible or not.

Promote engagement events which raise awareness of the needs of disabled students.

Work with both DUSA and the University to ensure students with a disability get the best University Experience possible.

Running campaigns to raise awareness of Environmental Issues, challenging environmentally damaging behavior on campus.

Working alongside societies and the University to run sustainability events, affecting positive change across the University.

A key member of UoD’s Environmental & Sustainability Committee.

Work with the Library and Learning Centre (LLC) and Estates and Buildings (E&B) to improve student learning and recreation facilities.

Liaising with the DUSA executive to make sure that students have access to good facilities not just on the main campus, but also in Kirkcaldy and Ninewells.

Supporting DUSA to ensure that it provides facilities that allow students to make the best of their recreational, learning and study time.

Works with Student Services to represent students and feedback issues from students living in University Halls.

Liaises with the Housing Rep and DUSA’s Student Advise Team, and key University Committees to create solutions to any problems arising.

Engaging with first year students to improve services, helping them transition into university life and make the most out
of their first year.

Working with the University and DUSA, feeding back issues that first year students face, helping them progress towards second year.

Helping develop campaigns to make international students feel welcome at the University and celebrate different cultures.

Working with DUSA Executive, International Support and Advice Service, Internationalisation Committee as well as student societies that cater to international students.

Working with SRC members and DUSA to ensure that mature students feel a part of the wider student community and creating a network for mature students.

Working with the First Year, TPG and PGR reps to improve the learning experience for Mature students and
identify their specific needs.

Partnering with DUSA and Student Services to ensure that mature students are aware of and can engage Support Services.

Promote and engage students in events and extra curricular activities which improve their employability.

Working with the Vice President of Community, DUSA and the UoD Careers Service to develop programmes that
allow students to advance their skills and experience.

To be a member of the employability committee and steer the Universities work to ensure students gain the key skills that make them ready for the world of work.

Working closely with DUSA’s VPA, VPR, School Presidents, and UoD Vice Principal (Education), providing student feedback on changes to Learning and Teaching at the University.

Working with the SRC, bringing forward policies and campaigns that improve the learning experience for Students across
all campuses.

Working with the Academic Skills Centre to develop their services and improve engagement with students.

Supporting the voice of Taught Postgraduate Students, working with DUSA and UoD to improve the TPG experience.

Supporting and organizing events specifically for Taught Postgraduate.

Students to build a community and facilitate a network for TPG students.

Helping DUSA to better support students studying at a TPG level.

Working with the Doctoral Academy and DUSA to improve the PGR experience.

Organising events specifically for Research Postgraduate Students, to build a community and facilitate a network for PGR.

Helping DUSA to better support PGR’s to continue towards their PHD study and professional development.

Identify and engage in SRC projects and campaigns that require additional support and assistance to complete.

Identify areas of enhancement that are not being tackled and develop motions, campaigns, and events which improve DUSA and the University.

All of these representatives are members of the Education Sub Committee!

Craig Reoch

"The SRC was a fantastic opportunity to gain some real skills to benefit me in my future career. It teaches you a lot of things you'll need after graduation that you don't even realize - prioritizing, meeting deadlines, producing written content etc. But what really counts when you graduate are those skills you get outside your course - leadership, interpersonal skills and the ability to speak up. Everyone needs something to help their graduate CV stand out from the rest - SRC gives you that. I wouldn't be where I am without it"

Sofia Skevofylaka

"Personally, being a student representative has given me skills for life. Through the SRC, I learnt about the DUSA organisation, how it works and how I can help students. The SRC prepares you for different debates, undertsanding key decisions and how to position yourself best to product value. I would recommend everyone to run for SRC, because it will not only look outsanding in your resume, but you will get to actually contribute in real life to people that need you, which is an opportunity that comes very rare to such a scale."

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