The DUSA Executive

Your elected representatives here at DUSA and the University of Dundee

Nyasha Mutembwa

President of Dundee University Students' Association

Nyasha, who is commonly known as Ash, is the lead of your Exec Committee as well as the face of the University, responsible for the student experience and overall University experience. Ash sits on a number of boards and committees within the University and the association to make sure every decision is inclusive and representative of the population on and off the campus. She aims to add and improve to the ED&I agenda of our Strategy Plan and make Dundee a place for everyone by executing the student’s wants and needs.

email: president@dusa.co.uk

Vice Presidents

Mubarak Babalola

Vice President of Academia

As our appointed Vice President of Academia, Mubarak plays a crucial role in overseeing all academic matters and also deputises for the president during her absence. Mubarak’s primary focus lies in assisting students as they prepare for life after university, ensuring that no one is left behind in their academic journey. Moreover, he is passionate about fostering a vibrant campus experience by promoting a harmonious integration of academics and social interactions. One of his key priorities is raising awareness about academic misconduct issues, ensuring that students are well-informed and protected. Mubarak is a strong advocate for fair treatment of students throughout all processes, so if you require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact him via email.

email: vpa@dusa.co.uk

Nicole Okoro

Vice President of Representation

As the Vice President of Representation, Nicole’s purpose is to spearheads initiatives aimed at promoting diverse perspectives, equality, and amplifying marginalized voices. Also, actively collaborating with student organizations, faculty, and administration to develop policies and programs that foster inclusivity on campus. Recognizing the importance of representation, Nicole aims to serve as a catalyst for change, creating an environment where every individual feels valued, celebrated, and empowered to thrive.

email: vpr@dusa.co.uk

Bernard Aihevba

Vice President of Student Wellbeing

Bernard is concerned with everything that surrounds students’ well-being. He aims to support students in all aspects that might impair their university experience, helping with issues concerning mental, physical and sexual health. He wants to raise awareness of the different services DUSA offers, signposting students to the relevant resources they may require while they study at the university.

Bernard wants to create an environment where students’ wellbeing is taken *seriously*, therefore making it easier for students to focus on their studies. He is a strong supporter of the work hard, play hard mindset believing students should have fun and make friends while studying at the university.

email: vpsw@dusa.co.uk

Manaswi Budhathoki

Vice President of Community

Manaswi is a final year English Law student hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Nepal, who is all set to take on the role of Vice President of Community. She is deeply committed to weaving the threads of culture and community together into a harmonious whole, where students from various walks of life come together to learn, grow, and form lasting bonds.

She firmly believes that the true strength of any institution lies in its inclusivity and one of her core convictions is that every student should find a place they can call home within our university’s walls,  regardless of their background.

email: vpc@dusa.co.uk

Yaa Agyei-Akwa

Vice President of Fundraising

Yaa is a final-year dental student at the University of Dundee, who has taken on the role of Vice President of Fundraising (VPF) within DUSA. Yaa aims to create a positive change in her capacity as VPF.

Her primary goal is to inspire a sense of purpose among her fellow students and friends, prompting them to actively participate in Raising and Giving (RAG) activities in support of this year’s chosen charity – CanDu. This is not merely about raising funds; it’s about fostering a collective spirit of empathy and social responsibility. 

email: vpf@dusa.co.uk

Parissa Robinson

Vice President of Student Activities

Parissa is a final-year dental and Spanish Graduate Diploma student who has been elected as your new VPSA. Parissa has been actively involved and experienced in Student Representation since starting university in the Student Representative Council as First-Year Student Rep and SRC Chairperson. As VPSA, she wants to incorporate more society-led university events in the academic year to include our wider student community on city campus, Ninewells and Kirkcaldy.

Email: vpsa@dusa.co.uk

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