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School Presidents and Vice-Presidents

What are School President and Vice Presidents, and how to get training if you are one.

What are School Presidents?

The role of the School President is one of the most important positions in the student representation system and is essential in enhancing the learning experience.
Each of the ten academic Schools elects a student to take on this role each year and lead the student voice.

The School President sits on each School’s key committees and works with senior management team on a range of subjects, projects and priorities. This includes creating a School Partnership Action Plan (SPAP) each year with the Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching which sets out a range of goals which they work towards completing.

As the lead representative the School President has a vast network of Students to work and connect with. They are supported by their Vice-Presidents to carry out different duties and help link them to thee Class Rep group.

They also work together with the DUSA Executive team and are their students’ representative on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) as a sitting member for that year.
School Presidents are normally elected in Semester 2. In this role the post-holders develop a range of skills and experience which go beyond their time at University.

What are School Vice-Presidents?

The position of Vice-President is an important role within your School and they lead representation at the level of discipline or theme.

Vice-Presidents ensure that there is strong communication between the Class Reps and the School President. This allows both the School President and the Class Rep group to know what’s going on at all times.

The Vice-President (VP) also acts as the School Presidents support team. They work with them to complete priorities from the School Partnership Action Plan (SPAP) as well as carry out other important functions, such as leading on specific projects or deputising for the School President if they cannot attend meetings.

Depending on the School, the VP also chairs the Student-Staff Liaison Committee and this is a vital role in ensuring that the meeting is productive and there is a strong partnership between Class Reps and staff. 

If you are interested in find out more about this position you can download the job description below.

School President and Vice President training

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