Raising & Giving

Student fundraising, giving to the people that need it most

DUSA's Charity Partner

DUSA plays a part in helping to get students fundraising and volunteering, and our student RAG Ambassadors do this by working with our Charity Partner! Each year, we team up with a different charity (selected by our student body), and they help raise as much money as possible for them through a lot of different events.


CANDU are the nominated charity for 23/24. They comprise of a dedicated group of patients and survivors deeply committed to placing the patient at the core of cancer care and treatment service design and delivery. Their mission involves not only initiating their own projects but also collaborating with other organizations to co-produce impactful work.

As they look ahead, CANDU aspires to continue representing the specific needs of cancer patients in Dundee, both locally and on a national scale. Their paramount goal is to ensure that the voices of those impacted by cancer are not only heard but also taken into account in shaping healthcare policies and practices

What is RAG?

RAG (standing for Raising And Giving), encompasses all student fundraising on all of our campuses. Whether you’re a society raising money for Meningitis Research, or a student doing Movember, it all comes under RAG! Any amount raised for any charity (that is registered in Scotland) is added up, and at the end of the year, we show how our students are making a huge difference to a bunch of different charities.

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