About Us

Find out more about Dundee University Students' Association

At Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA), everything we do is designed to improve the lives of University of Dundee students.

We make it our duty to know what our students want and need from us, and seek to exceed their expectations.

We do this by providing bespoke products and services, excellent recreational facilities and employment opportunities, which produce lasting memories of a first class student experience.

We are a not-for-profit registered charity, independent from the University of Dundee. We are led by students and supported by volunteers and Association staff.

All University of Dundee students automatically become members of DUSA – a vibrant, diverse, global community.

You are entitled to access all our services and opportunities, including societies, volunteering, advice, support, and representation; retail and food and beverage services; events and nightclubs.

Whatever you are interested in, it could not be easier to get involved in DUSA – we have something for everyone, and everyone is welcome.

We have a zero-tolerance policy and are committed to ensuring the highest standards of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

If you have a suggestion, comment, complaint, or compliment please get in touch. We are always happy to hear feedback and consider new ideas which help us to serve students better.


The constitution of Dundee University Students’ Association. 

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The rules and regulations which govern DUSA. 

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DUSA and the University’s Representation Agreement.

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How DUSA and the University of Dundee work together. 

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Creating a welcoming, safe and valued physical and virtual space for our members. 

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Board of Trustees

DUSA is governed by the Board of Trustees, a group consisting of fourteen individuals – the seven annually elected student Executive (commonly known as ‘Exec’), and seven Additional Trustees. Additional Trustees are appointed on the basis of their skills, knowledge, and experience in areas such as charities, education, finance, law or pastoral care.

The Additional Trustees are:

Marcus McKay (Chair of the Board),
Peta Dunkley,
Neale Laker,
Campbell Donaldson,
Susan Gray,
Iona McKay
and Adrian Caddick.

Also present in a non-voting capacity are the DUSA Senior Management Team, and the Chair of the Student Representative Council (SRC) to both update the Board and observe.

The Board meets every 6 weeks to ensure that DUSA is operating effectively and following its charitable objectives set out in the Constitution and Bye Laws. The duties and powers of the trustees are extensive, but include such items as ensuring DUSA is acting as a good employer, and ensuring that DUSA operates efficiently and effectively. The day-to-day management and administration of DUSA is delegated to DUSA’s Chief Executive Officer, who is the Secretary to the Board.

Our Objects & Purposes

The Association’s objects and purposes are to:-

Advance the arts, culture, education, science, heritage and sport by providing amenities and supporting activities for the members;

Prevent and relieve poverty and advance health by providing advice and welfare services for members and potential members and;

Promote and advance citizenship amongst the membership through democratic structures for student representation within the Association, the University, associated organisations and in society in general.