Strategic Plan

Kinder, Greener, Diverse



A kinder, greener, diverse global student community, creating lasting impact for generations to come


DUSA are committed to creating an environment in which all staff, volunteers and members are supported to continuously develop their talents, skills, and knowledge


DUSA exists to represent students and provide innovative and excellent services that transform their lives

Core Values


Increase influence and impact

Increased engagement with students and becoming more representative of our diverse student population, building on our strong student voice and representative network. Improving the learning and teaching and overall student experience

Develop community

Improve equality, diversity and inclusion through development of community and sense of belonging amongst students from different backgrounds and cultures

Create opportunities

Through providing students with volunteering, fundraising, employment, social and extra-curricular activities to build support networks

High quality student support

Through providing students with advice, advocacy, guidance, support and representation on housing, welfare, wellbeing and academic issues


Develop physical and virtual spaces…

which help to achieve our strategic goals and are relevant to our diverse, global student population.

Quality products and excellent services…

through developing our café culture, retail, events and support services, to meet the needs of our diverse, global student population

Build capacity…

of our students, volunteers and staff through developing collaborative leadership. Improving policies, training and systems that support inclusion and innovation, enabling our people to fulfil their potential

Improve sustainability…

by being ethical and environmentally conscientious, in all that we do

Create partnerships…

which are mutually beneficial with University of Dundee, local businesses and community groups