Election Results

The results are in!

22 March 2024

It is a great pleasure to announce the results of the 2024 DUSA Elections. After a month-long campaign period and a turnout of 12,451 total votes, and 2,321 individual voters the following candidates have been elected to the respective positions:

Sabbatical roles

President: Manaswi Budhathoki

Vice President of Academia: Dani McFawns

Vice President of Representation: Nicole Okoro

Vice President of Student Wellbeing: (Nihin) Baliqis Akanni

Non-sabbatical roles

Vice President of Student Activities: Ravi Baral

Vice President of Community: Alishba Ahmad

School Presidents

School of Social Sciences Humanities and Law: Dan Kirchin

School of Life Sciences: Banga Liepute

School of Art & Design: Ivy Guo

School of Business: Louise McCleary

School of Health Sciences: Lucas Foncesca


Independent Member of Court: Marcus Flucker

RAG Nominated Charity of the Year: Barnardo’s Children’s Charity

We want to congratulate everyone who got elected and we would also like to extend our gratitude to all the candidates who ran in the elections. We look forward to seeing the great things they will accomplish.



DUSA Society Awards 2024

Our DUSA Societies manager, Stephanie Emeye organised a societies award night on 27th of March at Bonar Hall. It was an enthralling event with over 65 attendees.

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