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We provide independent and confidential advice and support in all private renting housing matters. We also help students to look for and advertise rooms to rent.


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How Exercise Can Help You Study

With resits on the way this report explains how exercise will not only improve your physical health, but also help your memory. Highlights Performing aerobic exercise 4 hr after learning improved associative memory Exercise at this time also increased hippocampal...

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How to do an Inventory

Over the summer lots you will be moving into new flats. It is therefore really important that you take the time to make sure a proper inventory is done. One of the most common housing problems that DUSA advise on are those students who don’t get their deposit back....

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SLTA Results

Outstanding Enhancement of the Student Experience Winner: Ronald Oakley (Art and Design) Runners up: Anne Millar (SSE), Dawn Adams (LLC) Inspirational Teaching Winners: Eloise Pearson (Nursing), Edward Small (Humanities), Mary Modeen (Art and Design) Runners up: Edzia...

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