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Student societies are groups of like-minded students who aim to promote a activity or belief on campus. It is also the best way to make new friends and make the most out of your degree.  Trying a new sport or hobby is a perfect break from the “lectures-library-home” pattern of student life. Societies are full of people sharing the same interests, thoughts and learning from each other. Not only will you make new friends, you will unwittingly gain those much-desired skills for your future employment and leave the university with much more than a degree.


  • Academic
  • Arts
  • Charitable
  • Cultural
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Political
  • Social
We have over a hundred societies ranging from politics to dancing, charities to religion. So there is something for everyone! But in case none of the societies on campus accommodate your needs, don’t panic !  Head over to “Start a Society” section and contact your Vice President of Student Activities!
What is a society?

A society is a group of students sharing the same interests. It can be anything from dancing to cooking or Harry Potter appreciation.

Can anyone join a society?

Yes! Students of any university, staff and even members of public can join any society.

Can I join more than one society?

Yes! As many as you want.

Can I try a society before joining?

It depends on the specific society’s constitution but in the vast majority of the cases – yes.

Is it free to join?

Every society has a membership fee of at least £1. The fee varies from society to society.

Can I start more than one society?

Yes! As long as you find people interested in the same subject and manage to juggle all the societies and studying – there are no problems at all.