International Student Support

Studying abroad is a big step. We are here to help you, our International Students, with any issues that affect you

Moving to a new place can be a big change. Here are the support options available for you

Make new friends

A great way to meet new friends is by joining one of our active societies!

Student societies are groups of like-minded students who aim to promote an activity or belief on campus. It is also the best wayvto make new friends and make the most out of your degree.

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Get to know Dundee

From museums to vibrant cafes, there is so much to see, so why not explore some of the city’s hidden gems while you’re here! With its compact size and streets packed with all sorts of treasures, Dundee is an urban wanderer’s delight. Go on a journey back in time at Dundee’s museums, from the V&A to one of Europe’s finest industrial museums.

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International Advice & Support

The University of Dundee International Advice Service supports international students and their families on a range of matters, including immigration and practical guidance when living and studying in the UK.

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Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct sometimes can be a new term for many international students to come by. But it is not something completely new to their experience as students from their various backgrounds. It simply means any form of malpractice students could be involved in, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to get higher grades in schoolwork.

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Global Room

The Global Room is a social space on City Campus for all students to relax, meet new people and celebrate cultural events, including Diwali, St Andrews Day and thanksgiving. The Global Room offers information zones, one-to-one drop-in sessions, and student PCs, and is normally a space for holding social events.

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Friends International Support Group

Friends International is a Christian charity that link international students with local people and provides the opportunity to meet together, make friends and learn about local culture, customs and belief. They provide regular events and some special events for all to participate and learn the various cultures from each other.

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Peer Connectors

Peer connecting is a welcoming and buddying scheme to help new students settle into life at Dundee Uni. Peer connectors are volunteers who can help show you around, answer questions and listen to your concerns. You can contact the scheme through the enquiry center or via email.

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Student Funding

If you are struggling financially, you may wish to apply for discretionary funding from the university’s student funding team. You can also speak to one of the student advisors regarding budgeting and money management whilst at University.

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Dundee Student Homes

This website offers a wide range of housing advice and also has an International Friendly Accreditation scheme for landlords/letting agencies.

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DUSA Housing Advice

The University of Dundee students can receive free and confidential advice from our advice team. We can explain your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Help you with lease checks, and give advice on your landlord’s rights and responsibilities.

Help to understand inventory and deposits and answer questions on any other housing matters.

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