DUSA AGM – Friday 22nd March

Dalhousie LT3

18 February 2024

DUSA will be hosting an Annual General Meeting and Elections Results event on Friday 22nd March. The event will take place at Dalhousie LT3. All students are invited to attend and find out who will be leading their student community.

The AGM is one of the most important meetings for DUSA and it is where our ordinary members (current and matriculated students of the University of Dundee) get to find out about what DUSA has been doing, what its plans are and propose new policy or constitutional change.

We will also be celebrating as our election period comes to a close and we announce your new Executive Committee, School Presidents and SRC Chair.

You can now download; The AGM Agenda, The Interim Annual Report and the DUSA signed accounts below.



DUSA Society Awards 2024

Our DUSA Societies manager, Stephanie Emeye organised a societies award night on 27th of March at Bonar Hall. It was an enthralling event with over 65 attendees.

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