Cost of living

We're here to help you if you need help managing your money and with getting financial support should you need it

Campus pantry

DUSA runs a Campus Pantry that will supply a variety of basic essentials and toiletries aimed at lowering the cost of a student’s weekly shop. The Pantry includes items such as bread and margarine, non-perishable items such as pasta, noodles or canned products and toiletries such as shower gel and toothpaste. The items we prepare in bags are aimed at supplementing a student’s expenses and are not designed to replace a grocery shop.

Students may only use the Campus Pantry once every 14 days. Similar to the free breakfast club, some students are in greater need of assistance, so we kindly encourage students to consider their personal circumstances before using the pantry. We will prepare ‘essential item bags’ for students using the pantry to ensure fairness and control the stock we have.

Using the campus pantry

If you are in desperate need, please contact our Advice & Support team and they may be able to refer you. These will be made on a case by case basis.

Volunteer at the Campus Pantry

Registration is closed and will reopen on Thursday 23rd May.

Breakfast club

DUSA host a breakfast club free of charge within Pavement Cafe between 09:00 and 10:30 Monday to Friday. Students from this University will have the option between a hot or cold breakfast and will be offered tea or coffee. Students will be able to enjoy a tasty breakfast in a comfortable and friendly environment before they head off to classes, work or back home.

Using the breakfast club

We welcome any student to use the breakfast club. In saying this, we are conscious that some students are in greater need of assistance, so we would kindly ask students to consider their personal circumstances and what they feel is right. You are free to pop along with friends, or simply come alone and meet new students. This is intended to be a welcoming and chilled environment to grab a bite and have an energised start to your day. We will do our best to  accommodate for all dietary requirements.

Volunteer at the Breakfast Club