Golden Houses

I live on a street with golden houses,that shimmers as the sun goes down.Lost forests have carefully hidden my secrets,tucked away from the rest of the town. I live on a hill that’s built on money,that buries the musical passion I so heavily desire.Looking out and...

Nature Knows

Why kill the bee,When we’re the ones that aggravate it to sting? Why chop down the tree,When we’re the ones that built houses underneath its growth pattern? Why imprison the wild animals,When we’re the ones that have bulldozed and boiled their natural habitats? What...

f l o w e r s

i have to be ready for nine but i only make itpast ten o clockand i just cant be bothered with the samefaces, the same faces i see day in day out day in day out day in day out day in day theres far too much writing and writing andwriting that ive lost track of my mind...

House of Aristocrats – Out&Outrageous019 Collection

At Fibre, we’ve been following House of Aristocrats closely ever since our first interview with them almost a year ago. In that time, they have truly grown into the Dundee high fashion brand we all knew they could become. While Dundee Pride may be cancelled this year,...

Society Spotlight: AHID

The AHID Society aims to provide a cohesive academic and social experience for all those who are interested in anatomy, human identification, and other related areas. Throughout the year we host pub crawls, evening lectures, anatomy sessions, small trips, and have an...

Black Lives Matter – Not Up For Debate

It would be pointless to ask if you’ve heard what has been happening recently. Protests all around the world were sparked in June by the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man and father of five. He was unarmed and accused of trying to use a counterfeit...

What’s your vision for the world after coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic raised a lot of questions to many of us, to almost any sensible human being. How could we live in a situation like that? Is the pandemic going to harm our employment and job prospects? What to do while being in lockdown? How could we prevent ourselves from getting infected? What is the price of life? After all, is it worth living? Why am I living at all? In this essay, I would attempt to answer some of these existential questions concerning the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I would base my answers and interpretations on the experiences of people from the past who did their best to cope and to stay sane while being put in similar life-threatening situations.

Gods and Monsters

They walk among us, do you know?
For too long they’ve made you flow
and when they got bored to hell,
they’ve dragged you down; bid farewell.

In Our Hearts

A loss that cannot be fathomedstripped branches cut down,the others burnt— Undressed of humanitybut these were humans, with wives, husbands, parents and children of their own,who killed us. It is man who created evil. What has made us different from others allowed...

Dundee University Singapore Society Spotlight

Dundee University Singapore Society (DUSG) will present the unique Singapore culture, and allow you to meet vibrant individuals in the events organised. DUSG annually plans events that would usually take place back home in Singapore, such as Mid-Autumn Festival,...

Reading books as stress-relief

Now that exams and deadlines for countless coursework are approaching fast, we need more than ever to have a way to rest and relieve some of the stress we have built up. Some do sports, others do yoga or have some other way to relax, but one of the most relaxing and mentally refreshing exercises is simply reading something casual.

DunTea Society Spotlight

DunTea is a society that revolves around meeting new people and bonding over the shared love of… you guessed it, tea! We really value creating a space where students can de-stress from looming uni work deadlines and the dreaded horror of exams, as we know it can be really tough to calm yourself down and let yourself relax, so we hope that you feel very much at home in our society.

Dundee OpSoc Spotlight

Do you love to sing, dance and act? Then how about joining OpSoc, the university’s only musical theatre society!? Renowned for our annual full-scale production performed in March, our main show for 2020 is ‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ based on the American comedy film of the same name!

SignSoc Spotlight

UoD SignSoc aims to teach British Sign Language (BSL) and D/deaf awareness, host social events, and fundraise for local charities with BSL users as well as provide outreach opportunities with local and national charities. Throughout the year we throw pub quizzes,...

Concentration camps in the 21st century.

While I’m not usually one to seek out depressing news, occasionally it’ll be recommended on my twitter and Instagram and I’ll end up reading a four page post about something horrific that is currently happening in the world. For the past few months, maybe even a year,...

Feminist Society Spotlight

‘Feminism is the radical belief that we are born equal’. Do you agree?

If your answer is yes, then Fem Soc is for you! We strongly believe that Feminism is for everyone that agrees with this statement- no matter where they come from, what gender they identify as, who they love or what they believe in.

Dundee Medieval Re-Enactment Society Spotlight

We re-enact 14th century Scotland! It’s more fun than a history lesson - we teach you authentic crafts and pulled blow combat, both of which you can show off at medieval shows all over the country in the summer months. If you love learning and making new things, as...

Dundee University Judo Club Spotlight

Judo is a sport for all - whether you want to use it to get fit, learn self-defence or show off your skills at competitions. Here at the Dundee University Judo Club (DUJC) we make all those things possible. We are a growing club full of people from all walks of...

“Every colour has a meaning”

Fa Rukh is a rare type of man. Pakistan born and bred, forensic dentistry major, and abandoned by his family when he came out as gay. If you took those three facts and tried to imagine a person, you would probably conjure up the image of a man that’s pessimistic and...

Working for Fibre

Starting uni can be stressful. There are so many different things to think about. What societies and clubs to join. How you are going to balance your social life with your course work. Which are the best nights to head to the union, and so on. During my first year, I...

Time to go back

Summer days come like that exciting TV episode that you’ve so long-awaited for, saying goodbye to all the deadlines, the planning, all of those afternoons spent at the library trying to concentrate and “study”. You forget about those nights when you went out and were...

My first Scottish comic con: Rai-Con

Before I moved for university I would always see on my friend’s Instagram photos of him at MCM Scotland, Edinburgh comic con and Deecon, a massive smile on his face. He would then message me, recounting his tales of the day, telling me how many people he met, the...

Infinity War | Review

So it’s been like a whole month or so which means it’s cool to talk spoilers for Infinity War now, right? Cool? Cool. You have been warned. I’ve been through hell and back this month, and after finally submitting my Master’s thesis 5 minutes...

Meet the team

Alex Arnaudov

Alex Arnaudov

Fibre Manager

Join Fibre for yet another year Alex is continuing his work as a manager of the Student Media Outled. With his personal interest in scientific work and creative writing, he will continue to expand the team and present new media campaigns.

Lucy Murray

Lucy Murray

Senior Deputy

Lucy is a third year English and Creative Writing student. This year she returns to Fibre as deputy manager and is looking forward to expanding it to a new level.

This could be you!

This could be you!


Positions Available

– Social Media

– Graphic Designer

– Contributors

– Website designers

This could be you!

This could be you!


Positions Available 

– Social Media

– Graphic Designer 

– Contributors

– Website designers