i have to be ready for nine but i only make it
past ten o clock
and i just cant be bothered with the same
faces, the same faces i see day in day out day in day out day in day out day in day

theres far too much writing and writing and
writing that ive lost track of my mind word count

my routine never changes

and there they are, the boys who flood out
my rotting mind
the ones who look like pretty preppy poppies in a
perfect snow covered field
the ones who make my heart sing melodic verses
but my mind scrEAM until it’s numb

but id rather be broken hearted than hate
myself so love me then leave me
i want to get as close to you as possible but im scared
im scared that ill break into a trillion
p i e c e s if you touch me, if you kiss me, if you
‘Love Me’

so as i lay in my grave youre the one kicking dirt
and stop saying that you like me when I know youre drunk,
i know that its not right

i sit in silence and i listen to your name
but i push it back as im scared of the way it sounds
you glow golden yellows! and rosy pinks!
you sparkle and remind me of flowers

By Sophie Pass