Fibre is a cutting-edge digital media outlet unique to the University of Dundee. Combining journalism, web design, fashion and creative writing. Fibre is the online backbone of DUSA media with opportunities for everyone to get involved. Working on a freelance basis in your own time, the only thing you need to contribute is a passion for writing, editing, designing or simply your student community.

How to apply:

We will need your CV and a short cover letter on why you should be selected for the role (200-300 words), emailed to us at Emails should have the subject ‘FIBRE_APPLICATION_2019_**ROLE**_**APPLICANT NAME**’. The cover letter must be entered in the email as plain text. The CV can be in various formats, from plain text to docx and pdf. We also accept online portfolios and ones send through OneDrive.

If you have questions regarding the application process or are unsure about anything reach out to us, we would be more than happy to help.

Open Voluntary Roles:

  • Team Coordinator– the coordinator’s main responsibility would be the smooth operation of the team and meeting the assigned deadlines by everyone. The person for the role should be organized, ready to engage in discussions and be able to maintain a healthy relationship with team members and help them when the need arises. The role gives an incredibly professional environment, skills like time management, interpersonal skills and is a great start for people, interested in senior/experienced positions in the future.
  • Blog Editor– As a Blog Selection Editor, you will have the big task to distinguish between good and bad blogs and determine which should be published and which not. The perfect person for the role would already have previous experience with blogs, but we would also welcome applications from people with no experience but a lot of ambition. As always you will get a lot of life skills that would be incredibly important later in life.
  • Human Rights Staff writer– For the next academic year Fibre has signed up for a human rights training course. If you are interested in current international affairs ranging from all topics and perspectives this is the right position for you. Providing on job experience this position requires no previous work in this area. Motivation and willingness to learn would be of the greatest importance of this new role in the outlet.
  • Social Media Representative– Over the past two years Fibre has spread on different social platforms having a presence on the dusamedia website and engaging with posts on Instagram and Tumblr as well. The perfect candidate for this position would have basic knowledge of social media apps and creativity that would motivate people to join our media community.
  • Photographer– As a photographer, you will have the task to gather photo material for articles and show on events, as well as, work closely with the whole team in order to produce work that will be on topic. With that said, you will retain artistic freedom and will have the final decision, together with the editor. The perfect person for the role would have had previous experience with photography and have the motivation to create quality work to be used for various articles and blogs. This is a fantastic opportunity to work on your photography skills and be able to put it in a resume and CV later.
  • Design manager – Help the managers of the outlet with yearly events in terms of digital interaction and advertisements. Lead team of designers to complete the semester workload of tasks and assist in the increasing of engagement in the outlet. Working closely with other outlets and be up to date with all design requirements for joint events. Experience with design tools and digital media would be highly commended as well as previous experience in design work.
  • Designer– The designer’s work would be to contribute with illustrations and pieces of art to be used in articles and blogs. The person will work closely with the editor, writer and the photographer in order to create an overall beautiful article. Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator would be highly commended as well as previous experience in design work.
  • Reporter– The content creators are the running engine that fires our media. You will be the people that create all the marvellous content. Our main requirement is your willingness to pursue perfection in every blog. We would love to hear what you can offer and welcome applications for every kind of content creator, be it entertainment, food, travel, etc. Your work in the media would give you applicable skills and experience to work as a content creator for a magazine or another media in the future.