‘Feminism is the radical belief that we are born equal’. Do you agree? 

If your answer is yes, then Fem Soc is for you!  We strongly believe that Feminism is for everyone that agrees with this statement- no matter where they come from, what gender they identify as, who they love or what they believe in. 

Last semester,  a new and improved Fem Soc returned to our campus with a brand new committee, armed with fresh and exciting ideas. In just a few short months, we have grown to over 50 members running a whole host of exciting events and campaigns, including a Dundee-wide charity project called ‘Gie Yer Garms’. A week-long campaign that received hundreds of  clothes donations for 6 local charities that support vulnerable women in and around Dundee. To top it all off, we were also nominated for DUSA’s most progressive society and that was just in 4 months!

Imagine what we can do together this year!

Fem Soc is not just your regular society. Don’t get us wrong, we love a drink and a dance but in increasingly uncertain times, we believe that we need Feminism more than ever. Being a part of Fem Soc is more than just a Friday night club night at the Union. As a society, we want to empower, engage and educate. We need your involvement, your passion and your ideas so that we as a community can make Fem Soc the best it has ever been and to make it a force for positivity, diversity and intersectionality, something that we passionately believe that, that Feminism should be on University of Dundee’s campus.

Fem Soc is about meeting different but like-minded people- the friends you make for life. It’s about challenging your beliefs through our film screenings, powerful talks and fortnightly Feminist book club. However, most of all, Fem Soc is about seeing the world beyond university and understanding your place in it. It’s about learning that if you care enough, even one single person can change it.  

You can find them on their facebook page, or message them on their email address: feminist-society@dundee.ac.uk