I hope you were lucky enough to get down and see LIP Theatre’s performances of And Then There Were None, which took over Mono last week. This was my first introduction to Agatha Christie’s murder mystery, and I was not disappointed. If you didn’t manage to make it down to see their show, the play sees a group of ten seemingly random people trapped on an island over a few days. One by one, they are mysteriously killed, and the audience is left wondering who is behind it all until the final scene.

Unfortunately, that’s all of the plot that I’m willing to tell you, because you need to experience the show in its full glory to appreciate the tense storytelling. Overall, the cast gave great performances in their roles and really delivered a great show. Using a simple set of only one room on stage, the company made the most out of what they had and smashed it.

Special Mentions:

  • Roisin McCallum’s portrayal of Mrs. Rogers, as her scream offstage made me and most of the audience jump in our seats.
  • Charlotte McIntosh, Luke Macdonald and Calum Telfer for a stellar final scene that was tense, well-delivered and a great finale to a fantastic play.



One of the key aspects that made the show enjoyable was the attention to the small details, like when two of the characters ‘cleaned’ the stage while the audience took their seats. It made for an immersive performance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If this show was anything to go by, then you need to check out LIP Theatre’s next run after the summer break. It’s not difficult to see why the society has been around for twenty-five years, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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