Starting uni can be stressful. There are so many different things to think about. What societies and clubs to join. How you are going to balance your social life with your course work. Which are the best nights to head to the union, and so on. During my first year, I tried out three different societies and sports clubs, but I didn’t seem to fit in with any of them. Fibre was the last thing on my list to check out before going full introvert and only leaving my hall for class and the occasional Starbucks. 

Fibre is where I managed to fit in. 

It combined my talent for writing with the opportunity to write about whatever I wish, whenever I wish with no added stress. I wrote about pride, marvel, books I liked. And even got a free dinner on DUSA at the end of the year. 

Working for Fibre is an opportunity to grow. You can grow your writing skills to the next level. Grow as a person by connecting to others through your articles and learning what inspires you to write. If you need to borrow equipment for a blog, it’s there for you to check out. Want to learn how to build your own website or take the perfect picture? One of us will happily help you out over a coffee. 

One of the best things about Fibre is that during your first year with us, you don’t have to commit to anything. We don’t give you deadlines for a certain number of blogs a month. You can write a blog or two, decide it isn’t for you, and go about your life as normal. But if you do decide to stick with us, maybe even join our team, we can open up a world of journalism-related opportunities for you while at uni and when you move on. 

So come give Fibre a try. Write about a movie you watched, a new album that came out, a skincare routine that you live for, or even your stance on the political happenings of the world at the moment. It’s all up to you.