Judo is a sport for all – whether you want to use it to get fit, learn self-defence or show off your skills at competitions. Here at the Dundee University Judo Club (DUJC) we make all those things possible.

We are a growing club full of people from all walks of life, shapes and sizes and we always welcome those who are new to Judo.

DUJC has a reputation for fantastic socials throughout the year, running events such as pub crawls, our annual Christmas dinner and even club hikes!  

We have 3 sessions each week in the ISE, Wed (14:15), Fri (19:00) and Sun (12:00), and receive free meals from one of our club sponsors, the Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom, after training. 

If you are interested in trying out something new, learning self-defence or needing a confidence booster, come along and try out Judo. Any and all questions can be sent over to our email: judo@dundee.ac.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you soon!