Life as the President of the Business School

Student Advocacy in Action

21 February 2024
Picture of Connor Heward

Connor Heward

President of the Business School

Being a School President is much more than working behind the scenes and working with staff and students. I am also in the final year of my undergraduate degree in Accountancy I am involved with all aspects of the School of Business, from advocating students’ needs and wants to the staff, providing an effective platform to provide feedback about our modules and work with students to help get the most out of their time here at the University of Dundee. 

I have an amazing group of Class reps who are actively getting feedback, and working together to enhance the student experience by focusing on issues that impact them at that moment. As the President Chairs the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), as a place for students to share their feedback, and get a response from them on how they can improve, or how we can work together and improve.  

During my time, I found that the School of Business is quite receptive and fast-acting to student feedback. (I. e. Feedback was given regarding a module in Semester 1 for a coursework total grade percentage. I recently commented on a module change starting in 2024 September, where the feedback was heard and acted on by staff members.) This was only one example of how feedback was acted on quickly, and if  I’m ever approached by students with an issue, I will work to ensure they are heard and get a result everyone can be happy with. Being a School President allows me to have access to other School of Business Committees, where I can bring up any feedback or concerns for students. 

Students are encouraged to get involved and use their voice at all levels within the School of Business. The best part is, that they actively seek this feedback to be innovative, keep up to date with global changes within the modules, and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset. We have access to dedicated careers advisors, the Centre for Entrepreneurship which puts on events, and the staff themselves. Most of them are more than happy to assist you in any way they can, they are also extremely easy to talk to as well.  

Currently, the School policy is to have lectures recorded for students to review after class and are always looking for new ways of delivering the content of our modules. Student feedback is critical to tell them what works well and what doesn’t, thus the student’s voice is essential to providing an innovative school. As president, my goal for this semester is to work with students and build a stronger community, where everyone can network and feel like they belong. This also helps with future events where we can bring alumni and guest speakers into the classes, who can talk and answer questions about the profession.  

The student voice is the most important tool that allows the School of Business to be so successful and allows us to be extremely employable for all students both domestic and international.  



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