February Academic Report from your School Presidents

8 March 2024

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School Presidents Update


With elections coming up and the NSS survey in full swing it has been a month full of promotion and trying to increase engagement. The best thing to happen this month was the confirmation of plans to install microwaves within the DJCAD canteen! These will be a great addition to the canteen encouraging students to eat healthy, homemade, and hot meals. Our SSLC meeting went well, and many different points were discussed that can be worked through and improved for DJCAD. The risk assessment has been completed for the next DJCAD Christmas market and it will be exciting to see it happen next semester. There is growing excitement for the degree show and students and staff are working together to make it a wonderful experience for everyone involved. It has been a great experience working with a variety of staff members and students around the school and helping to make it a more collaborative and engaging environment. If anyone is reading this and is thinking about going for the presidency then I would say, just do it! It is such a valuable experience, and you gain so many transferrable skills.

Joanna Walke
President of Art & Design


School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Sciences recently hosted its first in-person Careers Fair since the onset of the pandemic, held in the Dalhousie Foyer. The event was meticulously organized, with roles delegated among the Employability VPs, Digital VP, and the rest of the Careers Fair team to ensure its smooth execution. Featuring a lineup of 9 speakers exploring various career paths and opportunities, the fair garnered an impressive turnout from students.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Get to Know series on DUSA radio, hosted by Callum Valentine and the DUSA President. This provided a platform to engage with the student community and share insights.

Attending the SLS Staff Student Liaison meetings for Levels 1 and 2, I participated in conveying feedback on Semester 2 modules for the respective levels. This exchange was crucial in enhancing the learning experience for students.

Furthermore, I collaborated with the VPR to set up a stall focusing on representation awareness, elections, and the National Student Survey. This initiative aimed to promote engagement and awareness among the student body on pertinent issues.

Ridvan Kucuk
President of Life Sciences


School of Business

It has been a productive month as the school President. I have been in the process of planning several events for students within the School of Business and University wide events.

The Student Commerce Fair planned for March 26th, 2024. This is a place where students can create, market and sell their products to fellow students and students at the University. A portion of the proceeds will be going on to CANDU the DUSA Charity of the year.

Academic events run with DUB’s, DUSA and careers centre are in the works for march so please keep an eye out on your emails and social media! The likely events will include referencing workshop, Essay Writing and more!
As for International students who are wanting to get UK work experience, I am working with the careers centre to run a workshop where you can get involved and get an idea what it would be like to have a day in the life as a professional.
This month has many exciting events/workshops to look out for so please stop by and try them out!

Connor Heward
President of the Business School


School of Medicine

February marks another busy month in the school of medicine. Firstly, congratulations to our fifth years who passed the first round of the PSA and good luck with area allocations coming soon. We’ve managed a phenomenal number of events for the shortest month; that extra day coming in handy. Across the student groups and societies, there were 17 revision sessions, 6 skills sessions, 2 conferences, a party with the lawyers and a fun yet educational evening with everyone’s favourite sexual health consultant Dr.Allstaff. Our medical students continue to impress presenting at the national Inspire Conference a joint project of Scottish; medical, dental, nursing and veterinary schools so well done to all those who attended either as delegates or presenters. Good luck to those fifth years still to sit the PSA and hope everyone has a great Paddies day; we all know what that means St. Patrick’s will pass and we will be hitting the books.

Dominic Lee
President of Medicine


School of Social Sciences Humanities and Law

This month in SHSL academics, aside from our usual SSLCs, Boards, and other meetings, we began a social media campaign to increase awareness of different kinds of academic misconduct. This started with a post on collusion vs. collaboration, and will be continuing until the end of the semester!

We’ve also been in touch with CTIL, especially on the topic of AI and academic integrity, looking at resource development for the next academic year. This was also a wider discussion at our most recent School Board.

Also working with CTIL, we have been invited to help with the implementation of pronouns on University systems, following our successful motion at SRC, led by Erin. This will also involve creating resources to share with students and staff, to educate them both on how to add their pronouns and the importance of doing so.

Finally, this week, Dani held a workshop on MHRA referencing, the main style used in Humanities, following ongoing worries students had about getting it right.

Dani McFawns and Erin MacInnes
Presidents of Social Sciences & Law School


School Of Health Sciences

My recent survey targeting second-year students has yielded excellent feedback, reflecting their satisfaction and engagement with the programme. Their valuable insight will guide the school in enhancing our offerings and providing an even better experience for all along with promoting positive conversations.

In the spirit of giving back to our community, we’re excited to announce the launch of a clothing drive to support Togs for Tots. As the weather transitions, let’s come together to make a difference in the lives of those in need. We invite you to participate by donating gently used clothing items to 11 Airlie place. We are looking for clothing for all ages.

Your contributions will directly impact the lives of individuals in our community, providing warmth and comfort during challenging times. Let’s work together to spread kindness and support those who need it most.

Lucas Fonseca
President of Health Sciences


School of Science and Engineering

This month we had our first SSLCs meetings in all disciplines to hear about your concerns and raise them with the staff to get these resolved. There were a few issues that are very module/discipline specific, but some were more on a broader level. There were plenty of issues with licencing of specific software for some engineering disciplines. These should now be fixed both in the library and in the Fulton building. Furthermore, we managed finally establish the social room for the students. It will be Lab 3 in the QMB. We are currently waiting for the furniture to be moved in, so students can use this space for its intended purpose. On a different note, the nominations are open to apply as a new president for the School of Science and Engineering. Please apply, we are eagerly looking for someone to take this role.

Marlon D’Ambrosio
President of Science & Engineering


School of Dentistry

There has been plenty going on in the dental school this last month.
We had reps from Clyde Munro dental group come visit us this week, where they gave us an insight into how they use digital solutions and artificial intelligence to improve their patient experience. They also provided a demonstration on 3D printing and digital scanning, as well as being a great day for networking as well as learning.
We had a visit from Professor John Gibson who came to chat to us about The Canmore Trust. The Canmore Trust is a suicide prevention charity set up by Professor Gibson after his son Cammy took his own life in 2019. Suicide and mental health issues are all too common in the field of dentistry, so this talk helped raise awareness, as well as educating us on what to look out for within themselves as well as others.

The Dental Student Society organised a fantastic trade fair, where sponsors came to say hello, network and as always provide us with some excellent goodies.
On the 10th of March, a charity football match between staff and student will be held at ISE Riverside, with kick off at 1pm. Money raised will go to Dental Connect, an initiative set up by our own students to provide oral supplies as well as education on how to look after your mouth. This will allow them to continue the great work they do in our community with those experiencing homelessness, service users and refugees.

Finally, we had our annual Dental Ball this month, where we ventured to Glasgow for a night of luxury. I think I speak for us all when I say the event was a great success, in no small part to this year’s Ball Convenor Priya.

Matthew Fancourt
President of Dentistry

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