In the Heart of Health Sciences

Challenges, commitments and the act of balance

21 February 2024
Picture of  Lucas Fonseca

Lucas Fonseca

President of the School of Health Sciences

Being School President has been one of the best and most stressful experiences I’ve had. A typical week involves attending meetings, answering emails, and actioning plans for upcoming events. I have a key role to play in ensuring any issues that arise from students are followed up on and students are at the forefront of programme design. The Student Staff Liaison Committee is where most issues and concerns arise from which I chair along with the VPs.  

Due to the uniqueness of our programme where there is at least one cohort out at a time, it can be challenging to maintain engagement and hear issues out in practice, but it is also part of my role to ensure students are supported by the university when in practice. Another fun aspect of my role is to really engage with the skills team in running activities and ensuring students maximise their time at skills. Most recently I have been working on clinical skills nights where we can consolidate our learning in an informal way, also providing an opportunity to meet others on the course.  

The School of Health Sciences has a key role in our local community in a simple way, primarily by sending us prepared for placement with tools to promote health and help the public when they are most vulnerable. The skills team have also provided Naloxone training for all year groups and signposted us on where to get our naloxone packs, this is also a very important initiative in aid of the Dundee drug crisis. Lastly, every ‘Restart a Heart Day’ the school provides CPR training for all students who want to participate on campus.  

Being school president has been a whirlwind of emotions, but it has set me up for employment in a way I wouldn’t have expected. It does come with the challenge of balancing studies and the role and is a huge commitment, but it is very fulfilling.  



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