Self Defence

Ever thought of learning a genuine martial art that actually works in a real situation? If the answer is yes then come along and join the DUSA Self Defence Society!

Yearly membership is £45 and we train on Tuesdays and Thursday, 6pm to 8pm in The Union. Tuesday’s class is primarily focussed on drills and conditioning and Thursdays centre on close quarter combat technique and mechanics. Over time, we like to encourage developing the use of ground work in a self-defence context and where appropriate defence against both short and long range, blunt and sharp weapons.

We also hold regular weekend workshops and seminars with renowned teachers regarded as experts in their field. If it’s your first time make sure to bring comfortable gym clothes if you want to join in, or just come along and watch. No fitness or experience necessary and beginners are more than welcome!

For more information on other ways to pay, specifically what types of marital arts we pull from and what to expect make sure to read our welcome message for new starts on our website.

Join This Society

If you would like to join this Society or ask them a question, you can email them here.