DUSA Self Defence Society

Ever thought of learning a genuine martial art that actually works in a real situation? If the answer is yes then come along and join the Self Defence Society!
Key Dates We train 6-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursday. For more details see our class times. Be sure to check out our Welcome Message for New Starts to hopefully answer most of your questions.
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If you missed, or can’t make, the Fresher’s Fair at the start of September (or Refreshers Fair at the start of January) please make sure to check out our welcome message for more details about what we do. We also have our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DUSASelfDefence/ that we regularly post all the relevant information for training sessions. We would also recommend our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SelfDefenceSociety where there are several tutorials and short clips outlining the sort of stuff we get up to every week. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us. See you soon! President: Martyna Stuglik Vice President: Benjamin Podger Treasurer: Michela Caviglia Secretary: Finlay Strivens Social Conveners: Lewis Shillinglaw and Alexander Betts

Where We Train

We train in MONO (Level 1, DUSA) on Tuesdays and Level 4, DUSA (Behind the Games Room) on Thursdays – 6pm to 8pm. Beginners are always welcome and more details can be found on our class times page.

What We Do

Tuesdays class is primarily focused on drills and conditioning and Thursdays centre on close quarter combat technique and mechanics. We usually work on an element of free play during class, so that we can pressure test our training too. Over time, we like to encourage developing the use of ground work in a self-defence context and where appropriate defence against both short and long range, blunt and sharp weapons. As a member of DUSA Self Defence Society, you would also have automatic access to regular weekend workshops and seminars with renowned teachers regarded as experts in their field. For more details be sure to check out our information for new members!

Your First Time?

Bring jogging bottoms and a t-shirt if you want to join in, or just come along and watch, no fitness or experience necessary – beginners are more than welcome. Your first week is free, afterwards, classes are: £45 per year – Includes free t-shirt £25 per semester – Includes free t-shirt £10 per month – £5 to buy a t-shirt For more details please make sure to read our welcome message or just come to one of our classes for a free taster sessions. If there’s something we’ve not covered make sure to get in touch with our instructor Chris Clarke.