Dundee International Law Society

International Law Society

Dundee International Law Society seeks to bring further attention to the most pressing issues of international law and provide a forum for those interested in international law, politics and international relations. Through guest speakers, an active social media presence, and access to a network of international connections in the public law, corporate and criminal spheres, members of DILS can expand their understanding of the law at an international level and their knowledge of global issues and relationships.

DILS hosts a plethora of events, from the experiences of an environmental lawyer working in a London ‘Magic Circle’ firm, to a debate on the reality of the Russian/Ukrainian war to name a few. We have a great deal of exciting opportunities planned for our members this year, so join our inclusive society to be a part of it! We welcome members from all degree disciplines.

This year we were named “Society of the Year” by DUSA for our excellent work and growth as a society!

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