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1 February 2024


An Unmatched Irish Celebration

For a whopping two decades, the St. Patrick’s All-Day Party at DUSA has become a staple event. You might find it odd that Scotland doesn’t go all out for St. Andrew’s Day or St. George’s Day, but there’s good reason behind this event. Firstly, Dundee, with its two universities, is home to over 1000 Irish students, giving it the highest percentage in all of Scotland. Secondly, DUSA knows how to throw the ultimate St. Patrick’s party, with entertainment all day and night! With so many Irish students, St. Patrick’s Day turned into a big deal. We’ve welcomed students every year all donning their St. Patrick’s All-Day Party t-shirts.

The All-Day Party truly lives up to its name, with a schedule of live entertainment across several venues. Daylight hours see DUSA’s bars buzzing with the lively tunes of bands, infusing the atmosphere with Irish spirit. Expect free attractions like photo booths, face painters, glitter stalls, themed food, and of course, drinks! Whether you’re Irish or not, this event guarantees an unforgettable experience. Remember to get your ticket for this one early, it is, after all, a sell-out event! So, put on your greenest outfit, round up your pals, and head to DUSA for a St. Patrick’s celebration that will create memories to cherish for years. Sláinte!

St patricks


One final night of celebration and lasting memories!

The Graduation Ball is a formal event organised by DUSA and The University of Dundee to celebrate the graduating students at the end of their University journey following the graduation ceremony and serves as a final farewell party for the graduates. Graduation Ball offers a final opportunity for graduates to come together one last time as students and curate lifelong memories.

Graduation Ball 2023 at the University of Dundee is always an extraordinary night of celebration and unforgettable memories. The event takes place at the picturesque Campus Green, offering a perfect setting for the graduating students and their guests to come together and honour a significant milestone in their lives. Family members, friends, faculty, and university staff are invited to join in the celebration, making it a collective effort to honour the graduates’ accomplishments.

Graduation Ball celebrations are more than just parties; they are symbolic and sentimental events that hold deep meaning for both the graduates and their families. It’s a time of pride, accomplishment, and anticipation for the future, as the graduates prepare to move forward on new adventures beyond the walls of the university.

Expect lively Scottish Ceilidh’s, karaoke, live bands, DJ’s, funfair rides, film screenings, hot food and much more. With all these activities there are so many layers of excitement to the event that makes it accessible to everyone.

Grad ball


An Unmissable End-of-Year Celebration

For a remarkable 25 years, the DJCAD Degree Show Party has reigned as the most anticipated event post-Easter, marking the unofficial end-of-year celebration for students. As part of the illustrious Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD), one of the country’s leading art schools, DJCAD students showcase their brilliant creations in an exhibition during the penultimate week of the semester.

To commemorate the opening night, DUSA hosts a colossal party that has become legendary. While the festivities cater to the artistic sensibilities of DJCAD students, they are open to all, attracting artists and enthusiasts from all walks of life. The DJCAD Degree Show Party is an extraordinary fusion of artistic talent and vibrant festivity. The event offers a glimpse into the creative minds of DJCAD students, where imagination knows no bounds. As guests explore the exhibition, they are transported into a world of artistic brilliance, encountering awe-inspiring displays across various mediums.

In previous years Edinburgh Club promoters FLY joined forces with DUSA, bringing the captivating sounds of Jasper James, Le Freak, and DEMS renowned from FLY’s Open Air and Otherlands festivals. The energy on the dance floor was palpable. Beyond the celebration, the DJCAD Degree Show Party is also about giving back to the creative community. The Party has raised an impressive £2.5K in past years, a testament to the generosity and support of attendees, with the proceeds benefiting DJCAD Textile Design students. This contribution helps fund their exhibition in London, providing them with a platform to showcase their extraordinary talent to a broader audience.

One of the beauties of the DJCAD Degree Show Party is its inclusivity. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or just someone who appreciates a great party, this event is for everyone. It’s a night where creativity meets camaraderie, where art merges with music, and where diverse minds come together to celebrate the essence of human expression.

If you’ve ever marvelled at a masterpiece or found yourself lost in a world of creativity, the DJCAD Degree Show Party is an experience not to be missed. Whether you can distinguish Van Gogh from coq au vin or simply love the thrill of a great celebration, this event promises an unforgettable night.

Running for a quarter of a century, the DJCAD Degree Show Party has become a legendary affair, attracting art enthusiasts, students, and partygoers from far and wide. So, clear your schedule, gather your friends, and head to DUSA for a night that celebrates the power of human creativity.

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