Grad Ball 2023 Highlights

Here is to the class of 2023

28 July 2023
Grad ball 2023

Grad Ball 2023 – a night of celebration and unforgettable memories. The event took place at Campus Green, University of Dundee setting a perfect stage for the night.

The joyous laughter and cheerful chatter resonated throughout the venue, as the graduates and their guests came together to commemorate a significant milestone in their lives. Highlights of the event was live karaoke, Scottish Ceilidh dance, movie, rides, food and drinks!

Grad ball 2023 celebration not only marked the end of our academic journey but also strengthened the bonds of friendship that will endure beyond the walls of university. Here are a few glimpses of the sparkling night.




In the Heart of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences has a key role in our local community in a simple way, primarily by sending us prepared for placement with tools to promote health and help the public when they are most vulnerable.

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Leading in Life Sciences

My primary inspiration for becoming School President, aside from my wish to continue engaging in student representation and taking it to another level, was the fact that many of my friends, classmates and lecturers said I was the right person for the role and that I should go for it.

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