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By being part of the SRC you have the chance to become part of a vital structure within the University, Improve your CV and most importantly, the opportunity to make change.

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SRC chairperson
Are you a born leader and think you can manage the SRC? The Chair of the SRC not only acts as the facilitator of the council but ensures that meetings are fair, impartial and an open platform for discussion and debate. It is the chair’s duty to ensure that conduct is maintained and SRC councillors work together for the best interest of the students. The Chair also takes on an administrative role, ensuring minutes and motions are available and easily accessible. This individual is also invited to the DUSA Board of Trustees in an observational role to hold the DUSA Exec accountable.

Learning and Teaching Representative
Are you happy with the learning experience at the University and want to maintain high standards? Do you think there is more to be done to improve teaching? Become the Learning and Teaching Representative so you can take steps to improve quality in every school. This representative is dedicated to ensuring the student voice on academia, teaching and assessment and feedback is heard. Through working with the Deputy President, Vice President of Representation as well as the Vice Principle of Learning and Teaching, this representative can address the needs of students and ensure efficient and effective learning.

Facilities Representative
Do you think students have good access to high quality facilities on campus? The Facilities Representative works closely with the Library and Learning Centre, Estates and Buildings, as well as the Vice President of Student Welfare to ensure all University facilities are of high standards. This role provides an opportunity to address concerns and problems not only within the Dundee campus, but also in Kirkcaldy and Ninewells.

1st Year Representative
We all can remember how overwhelming starting University can be so this role has been developed to help students going through this transition. The 1st Year Representative aims to ensure that students have the best experience possible by informing students what facilities and services can help them throughout their time at University. This individual will work with the Deputy President of DUSA and the Enquiry Centre in making sure the University is doing all it can to help students enjoy and settle into their first year of University.

International Representative
As Dundee University is a multi-national and culturally diverse institution, the SRC wants to ensure that individuals that have moved to Scotland have a voice in their student experience. The International Representative is the link between the University and these students and by working closely with the International Support and Advice service, the Vice Principle of International, the Vice President of Student Activities and Vice President of Student Welfare; the post holder wants international students to feel at home here in Dundee and have the best experience at University.

Taught Postgraduate Representative
The University isn’t just made up of undergraduate students; there are a large number of postgraduate students that have made the transition to a taught postgraduate qualification. The needs of these students can be different from undergraduates and this post holder will ensure that postgrads get the best learning experience while studying in Dundee. By working with the Deputy President, the Learning and Teaching Representative and the Vice Principle of Learning and Teaching, this individual can ensure that taught postgraduates are receiving the support they need for their studies.

Research Postgraduate Representative
The Research Postgraduate Representative is dedicated to ensuring these students have access to facilities and services to allow them to complete their studies whilst at Dundee. By working closely the Postgraduate Research Committee, the Vice Principle of Research and the SRC, this representative will ensure all postgraduates are included in the student community and have access to the best experience possible. This post gives all students the opportunity to raise their voice in matters that impact their life as a student in Dundee.

Mature Student Representative
There are lots of students that come to Dundee University through many routes and are a little bit older than the average first year. These students need a representative that will work and lobby for their best interests. This could be anything from providing information on anything from the nursery, support services, student funding and working with mature student groups. It is important that this group of students have a form of representation on the SRC and making sure they have a fantastic student experience.

Equality, Diversity and Welfare Representative
The diversity of culture is something we are proud of here at Dundee University and we want to ensure that all students have equal opportunities. The Equality, Diversity and Welfare Representative would work with the Vice President of Student Welfare and the Deputy President in ensuring every student on campus has access to learning facilities and services as well as a voice for issues that concern them. This individual will also work with student groups, Student Services and others on campus to ensure all students are supported and provided full access to the best student experience possible.

Disabilities Representative
The Disabilities Representative is committed to ensuring any student who identifies as having a disability has the service and facilities in place for the highest quality student experience possible. The University ensures that all students have their needs met but this Representative is dedicated to holding the University accountable for this. By working with the disabilities services, this individual will be able to understand more about what services are available as well as provide feedback to the SRC on issues and concerns of disabled students; campaigning for equal opportunities for all.

Employability Representative
Finding employment during and after University can be daunting for any student. The Employability Representative would help students get the information they need to look for employment. This post holder will work alongside the Deputy President and the Careers Service to ensure students looking to earn that little bit of extra cash. The Employability Representative will also ensure the University provides opportunities for students to develop their employability skills as well as extra-curricular activities. Utilising the Enterprise Gym will also allow students to explore entrepreneurship and how to kick-start a business.

Housing Representative
By working with the Deputy President and Student Advocate, the Housing Representative will raise issues in relation to student housing in Dundee and work to campaign and lobby for better standards. This representative will also work closely with the “Halls Representative” to ensure students have all that they need while living in University Accommodation. This is an opportunity to explore what issues student’s face while living in Dundee and by bringing these issues to the SRC. This role can ensure that students are living in good quality accommodation throughout their University career.

Environmental and Sustainability Representative
The University of Dundee is dedicated to becoming as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible and to promote environmental awareness. This representative would work closely with Estates and Buildings and University leaders to ensuring the Dundee University and DUSA is doing all it can to ensure sustainability. Ideas and concepts can be raised with the SRC to encourage students to lobby the University into doing more for the environment. This individual would also take the lead on DUSA’s Ethical Procurement Policy as well as help students take a lead on campaigns to raise awareness on environmental issues.

General Representatives
If you want to work with the SRC across a wide range of areas then being a General Representative is for you.There are 2 of these positions available and these reps are dedicated to providing support for the SRC, work in the interest of students through lobbying the University on a range of issues and engaging students with the Council. This position gives students the opportunity to use their skills and talents in a range of varied activities and have the opportunity to sit on a number of SRC sub-committees to help the Council work efficiently.

School President of Humanities
Due to the restructure of Academic Schools a Bye-election is being run alongside the Student Representative Council (SRC) elections this year, for the position of School President in the School of Humanities. This individual would work alongside the Class Representatives and Vice Presidents in the School to achieve a stronger and effective learning environment. By communicating with school staff including the Dean and School Manager, this individual has the potential to improve and build upon the student experience. The School President is invited to Student-Staff Liaison Committees and School Board meetings as well as the SRC and School President Forum. These meetings provide a network in which the School President can effectively lead change and enhancement.

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