About Us

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is the legal representative and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee.

As a charitable organisation, we exist to serve
 our members – the students of the University! This is achieved in a variety of ways; helping you find private accommodation, funding student societies, providing reasonably priced catering and ensuring you have a safe venue to enjoy an affordable night out in any one of our four bars and nightclubs.

We work closely with the University to ensure
 that you have the best possible experience whilst you’re a student. The seven democratically elected students who make up your Student Executive are based on Level 4 of The Union. They are responsible for the overall management and administration of DUSA, liaising with the University at every level, running campaigns, creating opportunities for you to become more involved with the academic community and much more.

DUSA and the University’s relationship, how you can get involved in representation and our current shared goals are all included in our new Student Partnership Agreement and our Memorandum of Understanding. Download our Student Partnership Agreement and  Memorandum of Understanding.

And of course, when it comes to running the “commercial” aspects of DUSA – our bars, shops, nightclubs and what you’ll collectively refer to
as “The Union” – we’re lucky to have an expert team who work hard to ensure you have the services which represent your needs. And you’ll be pleased to learn that not only is DUSA the #1 students’ union in Scotland, we’re also rated as the best value student venue in the UK, meaning not only are we the best, we’re also the cheapest in all of Great Britain.

To find out about DUSA’s charitable objectives download our Constitution.



    Tim Hustler


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    Tim is the President of the Students’ Association. A lot of his role involves behind the scenes work within the University and DUSA, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. He is the lead representative for every student on campus at a local, national and international level, and will stand up for your rights whenever he can.

    Tim is a member of a lot of committees and meetings on campus, including the highest governing body – University Court. It’s his job to make sure that our voices are heard and Uni doesn’t forget that students are the most important asset of the organisation.

    Tim’s also in charge of making sure everyone else in the Exec is doing their job correctly, he’s pretty much their boss despite what they might say. They’re supposed to do what he says, but they rarely do.

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    Deputy President

    Leia Farnan

    Deputy President

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    Leia is your Deputy President here at DUSA. One of her biggest roles is to run the entire representation structure on campus. This means she ensures that your voice is heard whether it is through Class Reps, School President’s or the SRC.

    Coinciding with this Leia is responsible for running the elections that occur throughout the year. Working tirelessly to engage with students Leia encourages students to run for different positions during our SRC elections in September, and our Executive elections in March. In fact don’t be surprised if she is running around campus telling students how important these two levels of representation are!

    When Leia isn’t shouting to create positive change for students, she is fighting to help students get back into University. Academic appeals are an unfortunate situation some student’s find themselves in after failing resits, however Leia is always ready to help in any way possible, to give students another chance.

    Aside from Leia has many other duties, plotting the President’s assassination so she can take over the world definitely not being one of them…

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    Vice President of Representation

    Rebecca McCall

    Vice President of Representation

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    Rebecca (Becca) is in charge of the disciplinary procedure in DUSA. So when you get caught misbehaving in The Union it’s Becca who will be in contact with you. If she wasn’t busy enough she also convenes the SRC, which is your voice on campus for all issues that affect you.

    This year Becca is concentrating on being an active force on campus letting you know what is happening in the issues that affect you, this ranges from money problems to the matters raised in the SRC.

    01382 381084

    Vice President of Student Activities

    Indre Urbanaviciute

    Vice President of Student Activities

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    Indre is the Vice President of Student Activities at DUSA. She is responsible for any and all activities that you would like to take part in around The Union or in other areas of the University whether that be as an individual, part of a group or as one of the many societies there are.

    She is in charge of the societies affiliated with DUSA and helps them out with the organisation of certain events on campus. Indre sits as the chairperson of the Societies Funding Council that helps decides how much money some of the University’s societies can get.

    Indre also heads up DUSA and the University’s efforts for the Raising and Giving (RAG) Campaign. This involves rallying a group of different students, staff and others and organising events where the proceeds go to a specific designated charities or charity local to Dundee.

    Whether you are homesick, struggling with money, just wanting a bit of banter, looking to help out or are looking to get involved with volunteering or something to build up your C.V. then come and have a chat with Indre and she will point you in the right direction.

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    Vice President of Communication and Campaigns

    Dominic Younger

    Vice President of Communication and Campaigns

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    Dominic is in charge of DUSA’s communications strategy and ensures that important information is accessible both on and offline. He is responsible for issuing press releases along with the President and for running the DUSA Exec social media sites.

    Dominic’s role also includes working closely with all of DUSA’s media outlets, to get the message of DUSA and all that we do across to the students.

    In addition to this he also organises a number of vibrant cultural and political campaigns throughout the year to encourage debate as well as supporting the VPSW in various Welfare Campaigns.

    Finally, Dominic, along with the VPSA acts as a liaison between the Exec and the commercial departments of DUSA to ensure that everything DUSA offers is in the best interests of our students.

    01382 386003

    Vice President of Engagement

    Omar Mostafa

    Vice President of Engagement

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    Omar’s role is to motivate students to do extracurricular events while being at University. He is doing that via campaigns, which aim to show student engagement in various areas. His primary task for the year is to promote all kinds of student projects and activities. Omar also helps the Deputy President to ensure student representation has been achieved on all University levels and the VPSA to increase involvement in societies on campus.

    01382 381118

    Vice President of Student Welfare

    Thara Packiahrajah

    Vice President of Student Welfare

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    Thara’s role as Vice President of Student Welfare includes organising a number of interactive campaigns throughout the year that will aim to inform you about different topics such as good sexual health, alcohol and safety awareness etc.

    As your welfare officer, Thara is here to address the needs of all students from various perspectives and it is her ambition to host a wide range of campaigns from those focusing on cultural issues to those dealing with exam stress.

    Thara works closely with the Student Services staff here on campus often running campaigns in conjunction with them. If you feel you have any welfare issues affecting you during your time at University please do not hesitate to contact Thara who will be more than willing to help out and direct you towards the relevant services.

    01382 386040

Your Rector – Brian Cox

Brian Cox was elected as Rector of the University of Dundee in February 2010 by over 60% of students voting. Brian is a Dundee native and has had an incredibly successful acting career. He is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and more contemporary films such as the Bourne Identity and X-Men 2. Brian was re-elected to the position in 2013 to serve a second term in office.

As your new Rector I would like to welcome you to the University. I grew up in Dundee in the post-war period. It’s a city that has gone through horrendous acts, horrendous times and come out the other side with a much stronger personality.

This is an exciting time to be in Dundee; and the University and DUSA have gone from strength to strength in recent years. I am your representative to the University and guarantee that I will defend you at every turn. Given the current climate and political changes we have seen in the past year, it is important to remain vigilant in a time where many higher education institutions consider restructuring.

While it is important that the University comes out the other side of any strategic review intact, I will oppose any cuts that could affect the student experience here. One of the most effective ways of protecting student rights at the University is through representation.

Valuable structures have been put in place and expanded in the past few years to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected at every stage. I encourage you to use this website as a tool in identifying your student representatives and how you might resolve problems.

I have great faith in this year’s DUSA Executive. I know they will provide great leadership for students and will endeavour to support them whenever necessary. Get to know these people, and the entire student representation structure. It will be important in your time at the University.