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The best students’ association in Scotland!

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is the legal representative and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee.

About DUSA

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is #1 in Scotland for student experience. We are award winning for being safe and the best student value venue but more importantly, whatever you spend goes back into funding the huge number of student activities we run and support. As the legal and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee, we exist to serve our members – the students of the University. DUSA is run by eight student executive members who can be found every weekday between 11am-3pm at The Hive on level 4 of DUSA the Union. Working closely with the University to ensure you have the best possible experience, they are also responsible for the overall management and admin of DUSA, liaising with the University at every level, running campaigns, creating opportunities for you to become more involved with the academic community and much more. By helping you find private accommodation, funding your student societies and providing reasonably priced catering as well as hosting the safest and most affordable night out in the city, DUSA is here for you.

Indre Urbanaviciute


Indre is your lead rep about everything on campus. She sits on loads of University committees to make sure you are having the best experience possible.

01382 386002


Kevin Burns

Deputy President

Kevin is Responsible for ensuring the student voice is heard in all Learning and Teaching matters, as well as striving to improve the academic experience.

01382 386007


Andrew Stewart

Communications and Campaigns

Andrew manages and promotes all our campaigns, communications & student media.

01382 386003


Miriam Balfour

Student Activities

Miriam is responsible for everything non-academia in your student life. Drop by if you want to find out more about a society, get involved, or start your own!

01382 386004


Liam Graham


Liam oversees all student representation on campus and also organises the elections in both September and March. He also facilitates the Disciplinary panel to ensure safety in The Union.

01382 381084


Thara Packiahrajah

Student Welfare

From supplying the students of Dundee with contraceptives and sexual health advice, to providing information and support about mental health. Welfare is only about one thing – YOU!

01382 386040


Vlad Ghita


Getting you involved in politics and supporting your campaigns. Vlad’s all about engagement. Come and meet him and you will take the first step to change the world!

01382 381118


Ana Ranceva


Every year DUSA fundraises for a local charity – we call this RAG! Ana is here to get you involved and help you support this charity.

01382 386005


Memorandum of Understanding

How you can get involved in representation and details of our current shared goals.

Student Partnership Agreement

DUSA and the University’s relationship

DUSA's Bye Laws 2014/2015

The rules and regulations which govern the organisation.

DUSA's Zero Tolerance Policy

DUSA’s stance against harassment, discrimination & threatening behaviour.


The latest from your Student Executive and SRC.

Meet your 2016/17 SRC Candidates

The SRC nominations have now closed and we can at-last announce your 2016/17 candidates! 23 students have put their names forward in the hope of taking a position on the Student Representative Council. Each position is unique, focusing on a different area of student...

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How Exercise Can Help You Study

With resits on the way this report explains how exercise will not only improve your physical health, but also help your memory. Highlights Performing aerobic exercise 4 hr after learning improved associative memory Exercise at this time also increased hippocampal...

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How to do an Inventory

Over the summer lots you will be moving into new flats. It is therefore really important that you take the time to make sure a proper inventory is done. One of the most common housing problems that DUSA advise on are those students who don’t get their deposit back....

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