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Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is the legal representative and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee.

About DUSA

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is #1 in Scotland for student experience. We are award winning for being safe and the best student value venue but more importantly, whatever you spend goes back into funding student activities. As the legal and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee, we exist to serve our members – the students of the University. By helping you find private accommodation, funding your student societies and providing reasonably priced catering as well hosting the safest and most affordable night out in the city, DUSA is the here for you. The seven student executive members can be found every weekday between 10am-4pm at The Hive on level 4 of DUSA the Union. Working closely with the University to ensure you have the best possible experience, they are also responsible for the overall management and admin of DUSA, liaising with the University at every level, running campaigns, creating opportunities for you to become more involved with the academic community and much more.

Tim Hustler


Tim is your lead rep about everything on campus. He sits on loads of University committees to make sure you are having the best experience possible.

01382 386002


2015/2016 Election Candidates

Leia Farnan

Deputy President

Leia is responsible for giving students advice when it comes to academic appeals or housing issues. If you have any queries drop in to her office on Level 4 of DUSA.

01382 386007


Academic & Housing Issues Resolved

Indre Urbanaviciute

Student Activities

Indre is responsible for everything non-academia in your student life. Drop by if you want to get involved in societies, volunteering or Raising and Giving!

01382 386004



Dominic Younger

Communications and Campaigns

A Geordie who loves nothing more than getting out in the hills. Dom promotes all our campaigns, communications & student media.

01382 386003


Free Water Bottles Distributed

Thara Packiahrajah

Student Welfare

From supplying the students of Dundee with contraceptives and sexual health advice, to providing information and support about mental health. Welfare is only about one thing – YOU!

01382 386040


Condoms distributed

Rebecca McCall


Becca oversees all student representation on campus and also organises the elections in both September and March. She also facilitates the Disciplinary panel to ensure safety in The Union.

01382 381084


Student Representatives

Omar Mostafa


Helping the homeless, getting you involved in politics and supporting your campaigns. Omar’s all about engagement. Come and meet him and you will take the first step to change the world!

01382 381118


Students Employed by DUSA

Memorandum of Understanding

How you can get involved in representation and details of our current shared goals.

Student Partnership Agreement

DUSA and the University’s relationship

DUSA's Bye Laws 2014/2015

The rules and regulations which govern the organisation.

DUSA's Zero Tolerance Policy

DUSA’s stance against harassment, discrimination & threatening behaviour.

DUSA Exec Elections

Every year the students of Dundee have the opportunity to elect seven new student representatives to be the next DUSA Exec.

All University of Dundee students can run in our elections for any of the sabbatical or non-sabbatical roles.

Can I join the Exec?

To become part of our student executive you must nominate yourself for one of the seven roles then be democratically elected by your fellow students into the position. Any University of Dundee student can nominate themselves.  Nominations open March 2016.

What are the sabbatical and non-sabbatical positions?

The sabbatical positions are; President, Deputy President, Vice President of Student Activities, Vice President of Communications and Campaigns and Vice President of Representation. These are full-time salaried roles.

Non-sabbatical positions are; Vice President of Engagement and Vice President of Student Welfare. These are voluntary part-time roles.


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Nominations Open for The DUSA Awards 2015/16

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Your Rector – Brian Cox

Brian Cox was elected as Rector of the University of Dundee in February 2010 by over 60% of students voting. Brian is a Dundee native and has had an incredibly successful acting career. He is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and more contemporary films such as the Bourne Identity and X-Men 2. Brian was re-elected to the position in 2014 to serve a third term in office.

As your new Rector I would like to welcome you to the University. I grew up in Dundee in the post-war period. It’s a city that has gone through horrendous acts, horrendous times and come out the other side with a much stronger personality.

This is an exciting time to be in Dundee; and the University and DUSA have gone from strength to strength in recent years. I am your representative to the University and guarantee that I will defend you at every turn. Given the current climate and political changes we have seen in the past year, it is important to remain vigilant in a time where many higher education institutions consider restructuring.

While it is important that the University comes out the other side of any strategic review intact, I will oppose any cuts that could affect the student experience here. One of the most effective ways of protecting student rights at the University is through representation.

Valuable structures have been put in place and expanded in the past few years to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected at every stage. I encourage you to use this website as a tool in identifying your student representatives and how you might resolve problems.

I have great faith in this year’s DUSA Executive. I know they will provide great leadership for students and will endeavour to support them whenever necessary. Get to know these people, and the entire student representation structure. It will be important in your time at the University.

Brian Cox

Your Rector

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