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The best students’ association in Scotland! Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is the legal representative and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee.  

About DUSA

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is the best Student Union in Scotland (Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2018). As the legal and charitable organisation for matriculated students of the University of Dundee, we exist to promote and represent the interests of our members – the students of the University. The Association aims to provide the highest level of social, recreational, advice and support services to all members irrespective of age, gender, background or beliefs.

The Association aims to assist its members to enhance their experiences of being a university student and assist in gaining the

highest possible quality of education by providing opportunities to volunteer and make valuable use of their free time to help benefit themselves and others. The Association’s recreational facilities are designed to offer its members a wide variety of facilities in which to relax and socialise. As a student-led organisation the Association aims to respond to the needs of its membership promptly and effectively and to openly welcome and encourage their contribution to the workings of the Association.

Sofia Skevofylaka


Sofia is your lead rep covering everything on campus. She sits on loads of University committees to make sure you are having the best experience possible.

Responsible for:

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

School of Social Sciences


01382 386002


Charlie Kleboe-Rogers


Charlie is responsible for ensuring the student voice is heard in all Learning and Teaching matters, as well as striving to improve the academic experience.

Responsible for:

School of Education and Social Work

School of Humanities


01382 386007


Joely M. Nicol

Student Welfare

From supplying the students of Dundee with contraceptives and sexual health advice, to providing information and support about mental health. Welfare is only about one thing – YOU!

Responsible for:

School of Medicine

School of Dentistry


01382 386040


Olaf Postola


Olaf oversees all student representation on campus and also organises the elections in both September and March. He also facilitates the Disciplinary panel to ensure safety in The Union.

Responsible for:

School of Life Sciences


01382 381084


Claire Hartley

Communications and Campaigns

Claire manages and promotes all our campaigns, communications & student media.

Responsible for:

School of Art and Design


01382 386003


Craig Reoch

Student Activities

Craig is responsible for everything non-academia in your student life. Drop by if you want to find out more about a society, get involved, or start your own!

Responsible for:

School of Science and Engineering


01382 386004


Toni McKinney


Getting you involved in politics and supporting your campaigns. Toni’s all about engagement. Come and meet her and you will take the first step to change the world!


01382 381118


Scott Quinn


Every year DUSA fundraises for a local charity – we call this RAG! Scott is here to get you involved and help you support this charity.


01382 386005


DUSA's Constitution 2016/17

The constitution of Dundee University Students’ Association

DUSA's Zero Tolerance Policy

DUSA’s stance against harassment, discrimination & threatening behaviour.

DUSA's Bye Laws 2018/19

The rules and regulations which govern the organisation.

DUSA Gender Pay Gap Report, April 2017

Read more about our Gender Pay Gap.

Student Partnership Agreement 2017/18

DUSA and the University’s relationship

UoD/DUSA Representation Agreement 2018/19

DUSA and the University’s Representation commitment

Board of Trustees

Our Objects and Purposes

DUSA is managed, administrated and developed by the Board of Trustees, a group consisting of fourteen individuals – the eight annually elected student executive (commonly known as ‘the Exec’) and six external trustees: Denis Taylor (Chair of the Board), Professor Dame Sue Black, Barry Simpson and Sarah Johnston. Two new trustees will be appointed shortly. Also present in a non-voting capacity, are the DUSA Senior Managers to advise the Board and the chair of the Student Representative Council (SRC) to observe.

The board meets at least every two months to ensure DUSA is operating effectively and following its charitable objectives set out in the Constitution and Bye Laws. The duties and powers of the trustees are lengthy, but include such items as ensuring DUSA is ‘acting as a good employer’, ‘ensuring that Association finances operate efficiently and effectively’ and ‘carrying out the management and administration of the Association’.

The Association’s objects and purposes are to:-

  • Advance the arts, culture, education, science, heritage and sport by providing amenities and supporting activities for the members;
  • Prevent and relieve poverty and advance health by providing advice and welfare services for members and potential members and;
  • Promote and advance citizenship amongst the membership through democratic structures for student representation within the Association, the University, associated organisations and in society in general.


Denis Taylor

Denis Taylor

Chair of the Board

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Denis Taylor has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions with internationally successful private and public sector organisations.He areas of experience include General Management, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Operations Management and Economic Development.He graduated in Physics from the University of Strathclyde and began his career in CAT Scanner research with EMI Medical in London. He then moved to Dundee to join Ferranti Microwave and then NCR’s ATM division – both in engineering roles.His career developed internationally in the USA and Europe with NCR, AT&T, Dell, and the Scottish Government’s economic development agency – Scottish Enterprise.Notable position held included,• Foreign Investment & Trade, Director – Scottish Enterprise. (Glasgow)• Solectron Europe, MD & Vice President – (Dunfermline, Amsterdam)• World Wide Procurement, Vice President – DELL (Texas)• Operations & Quality, Vice President – AT&T (Minnesota)• Quality and Engineering, Director – NCR (Ithaca, NY)Throughout his career he has demonstrated an unrelenting passion for delivering continuous organisational improvement and in 2009, he established his own company, the Hidden Office ltd, a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations release the full, latent potential of their people.Independently of his DUSA role, he is an external member of the University of Dundee’s Court – its governing body.Denis is married with two grown children and while born in Aberdeen he has long since “adopted” Dundee as his home. 
Barry Simpson

Barry Simpson

External Trustee

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Barry is a Fifer, a Dundee University graduate and a retired director of Finance and Corporate Services. (If pressed he will admit to being a qualified accountant.)

He had a varied career with distinct threads running through. He worked in the Police, a Police Authority and ultimately the Independent Police Complaints Commission, where he became Acting Chief Executive. He also sat for ten years on a UK disciplinary committee for the accountancy profession.

Young people featured strongly in his working life. He was a director at the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, and at Brook, the sexual health charity for young people. Outside work he was a trustee for Home Start providing support for families with young children.

A major focus of his work was helping organisations bring about transformation. He was a strategic planner for a county council, and a key player in the start-up of both IPCC and SCRA and in the merger of 16 separate Brook charities into a single national body. Along the way he played a lead role in employee relations and negotiating major deals.

After retiring Barry and his wife moved to Lundin Links to enjoy the sea views along the Fife coastal path, rejuvenate a neglected garden and spend time with their grandchildren. He hopes one day to have time to do all that.

Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston

External Trustee

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Sarah Johnston is Local Fundraising Manager at Cancer Research UK, whose pioneering research delivers breakthroughs which prevent, control and cure cancer. Sarah works closely with the charity’s local individual supporters, committees and corporate partners, creating innovative partnerships to achieve fundraising ambitions. She also works across departments to maximise and grow regional and national opportunities.

Prior to joining the Third Sector, Sarah worked at Abertay University for over 10 years, developing, implementing and evaluating marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and participation in programmes and events. She built on and seeked out new partners in the games industry across the UK to develop an industry mentoring programme. Sarah was also involved in planning and delivering events of various scales including Scotland’s biggest video games festival with audiences of up to 13,000.

Sarah has a BA (Hons) in Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University and is a keen traveller and charity volunteer.

Graham McMillan

Graham McMillan

External Trustee

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The University of Dundee has been a part of my life over many years from having friends who studied there, including spending nights with them in the union, regularly playing sports and participating in sporting activities within the various facilities on campus, delivering presentations to undergraduate law  students on controlled drugs and the investigation of drugs related crime, attending lectures by Prof Sue Black and her team, to utilizing the knowledge and expertise of CAHID in my investigations on a number of occasions.

Furthermore both my children graduated from UoD and have gone on to successful and happy lives.

I am a retired Tayside Police officer. I left the police after 30 years service and just prior to the creation of the Scottish single police force. As a senior officer, I was involved in a number of planning and working groups created to ease the transition of 8 forces into 1.

I retired in the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. The majority of my police service was spent in various ranks and roles within crime investigation.

My role as a senior manager mainly consisted of management responsibilities along with investigative duties. As with most managers my work included:

  • chairing meetings and allocating tasks,
  • staffing and staff welfare matters ,
  • strategic and operational planning,
  • structural re-organisation,
  • performance setting and monitoring,
  • finance and budget planning.

Since retiring I have worked on a voluntary basis in the area of children and young people. I firmly believe that helping to enable young people to reach their potential is essential and I obtain much personal satisfaction in assisting them on this pathway.

To this end I currently serve as a children’s panel member, including the chairing of children’s hearings. I have also recently volunteered and been trained to help deliver training to new and “older” panel members.

I also work for Project Scotland. The organisation’s purpose is to help young people (aged 16 to 30) find work. I act as a mentor to young adults within the project to help them become employed and be successful employees. Sometimes my work is about building the young person’s self esteem, sometimes it is about matters such as CV writing or interview techniques. Others just need someone to provide guidance and encouragement. Again I take great personal satisfaction from this role.

I am very keen to become involved with the DUSA Board and believe that I have the skills and experience to make a positive contribution to the continuing success and development of the association.

Peta Dunkley

Peta Dunkley

External Trustee

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I see being a board member as an opportunity to help to support students and enhance their time at Dundee University. I know that this experience can be very significant in developing both an individuals’ academic and personal capabilities and I feel that it would be a very worthwhile use of my skills and experience.

I have experience in several fields. I have management qualifications and experience of the promotion and management of a higher educational unit. I have been both a learner and teacher at undergraduate and postgraduate level so hopefully understand something of the environment in which you work. I have experience of the workings and problems that can arise in, all be it smaller, charitable organisations from the sports I am involved with. My time as a clinician in the NHS often required difficult decision making, risk assessment and accountability. It brought me in contact with people from different cultures and promoted an understanding of the issues some people face in daily life.