Start a Society

What’s your passion?

We can help yo start a society on anything you are passionate about

Step 1:

Contact your Vice President of Student Activities at vpsa@dusa.co.uk and tell them about your ideas.

Have a read over the Societies Affiliation Pack.

You can also start writing your constitution (download example here) and start collecting the 20 signatures of fully matriculated University of Dundee students, who support the idea of such society existing!

Step 2:

Send all the information required in the Affiliation Pack to vpsa@dusa.co.uk and societies@dusa.co.uk to get the ball rolling.

Step 3:

You will then hear back from the VPSA who will let you know what happens next.  You will have to attend the Societies Council where the representatives from other societies will vote whether or not the affiliation request should be granted. They may also ask questions about the aims and objectives of your society but don’t panic, this is just to make sure your society is wanted on campus.