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Building a community of meaningful connections

11 June 2024
Peer connections

Volunteering is an aspect of student life that enhances personal growth and helps develop meaningful connections. Peer Connectors are trained student volunteers who help other students get used to university life and provide support and information. Besides the wonderful opportunity to be able to form a diverse community, volunteers also develop skills that can help them in their career progression. 

1) Personal development: Volunteering provides students with unique opportunities to step outside their comfort zones and engage with diverse individuals and communities. These experiences can broaden their perspectives, challenge preconceived notions, and cultivate empathy, qualities that not only enrich personal growth but also contribute to academic development.

2) Skill enhancement: Engaging in volunteer activities enables students to hone their communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time-management skills, which are essential for academic and professional success. 

3) Enhancing mental well-being: Volunteering can serve as a healthy outlet for students, by focusing on helping others, students can gain a sense of fulfilment all of which can have a positive impact on their mental well-being.

Running the Peer Connections programme is one of my favourite parts of my job. It is so heartwarming to see peer connectors and students interact at events and watch the beginning of meaningful connections being formed. Starting university can be a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions for some students, and it is wonderful to see how the Peer Connections programme supports students on that journey“. Kathryn, Student Support.

Peer connections

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that makes a difference in the student experience? The Peer Connections Team are recruiting volunteers to help new arrival students get used to university life and provide peer support and information.

Your job will include:

  • Supporting students and listening to their concerns
  • Being a friendly point of contact
  • Facilitating peer support groups for new arrival students
  • Organising and promoting student-led events

Connecting with people over sweet treats and hot cocoa has been my favourite part of the Peer Connectors experience. University life can be stressful and sometimes a relaxing, chilled-out conversation can go a very long way. It brings people a little warmth and in joy in the cold, rainy weather of Scotland, and it is great for the ones who just started uni.  As an international student, I love that I am helping other students in the very beginning on their journeys.” Sophie Nguyen, Vietnam, MSc Psychology, 2023/4 Peer Connector

Peer connections

You will have the opportunity to volunteer at Welcome Week events, attend student drop-in sessions, and arrange fun peer-to-peer activities throughout the semester. You will be given the opportunity to undertake specialist training and apply for the Dundee Plus Award which is great for personal development!

 So far this year, we have run a student panel, scavenger hunt and a weekly walk-and-talk drop-in with more activities planned for the future.

Become a part of our new September 2024 intake of volunteers! 

To sign up and learn more, please use the following link – dundee.ac.uk/guides/volunteer-peer-connector

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Priyanka Joshi

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