DUSA Volunteers Recognition Night 2024

Community, inspiration and gratitude

28 May 2024
Dusa volunteers

What an incredible evening at our first Volunteers Awards! We came together to honour and celebrate the efforts of our selfless volunteers who have made a remarkable impact on our community. The atmosphere was filled with gratitude and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who joined us in making this event truly memorable!

Dusa volunteers

“I recently spent some time talking to some of our volunteers. What struck me was that each had a different version of the same story, about how they became involved with volunteering at DUSA.

The thing they all had in common was that they were inspired by the volunteers they saw at DUSA. They were impressed by the efficacy and organisation and they wanted to be part of it themselves. They wanted to be part of what our volunteers have all created here at DUSA.

What our volunteers are doing in coming together to give back to the student community is creating something very special. They are building community and a sense of belonging. This leads to improved wellbeing, academic achievement and a life filled with purpose and success.

DUSA is a purpose driven organisation and volunteers are at the very heart of what we do.” – Cheryl-Ann Cruickshank, DUSA CEO

Meet the award winners:

1. First Person to Complete More Than 200 Hours of Volunteering: Olutoun Adebayo
2. Most Hours in Breakfast Club: Grace Ling
3. Most Hours in Pantry Delivery: Ngozichukwu Chukwumah
4. Most Hours in Pantry: Olutoun Adebayo
5. Special Recognition: Mariam David
6. Longest Serving Volunteer: Maud Verhoeven
7. Best Assistant Lead Volunteer: Oshin Vaish

Dusa volunteers

“Volunteering is the most selfless act one can perform.” When I arrived as an international student, the DUSA volunteer program was the first thing I encountered. I started as a volunteer myself and, from my first shift, I found a family there; When I was chosen to be the coordinator for the student’s Volunteering program, it wasn’t just a job choice; it was a joy that I chose to do every single day. I saw the president, the CEO, and all the staff who used to work the initial shifts of the cost-of-living events. All of them agreed that participating in these events daily wasn’t easy, besides their other important duties, it was the best initiative to involve students and share the responsibility with student volunteers to serve and help other students in the community.

We started organising this event “Volunteers Recognition Ceremony” to say a big thank you to all our dedicated volunteers, not only on my behalf as a small and new part of this event, but also on behalf of everyone in DUSA and the university. We wanted to show that we recognise what volunteers do, and that they are valued, and that we are committed to doing more for them.” – Parisa Pourmohammad, DUSA Lead Volunteer

If you want to be a part of our wonderful volunteer team, please email us at – ppourmohammad@dusa.co.uk or click here for volunteering opportunities

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Priyanka Joshi

Priyanka Joshi is a web content writer and advice & support officer at DUSA.


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