DUSA President’s Dinner Night 2024

Celebrating student contribution and building a sense of community

9 July 2024
DUSA President's Dinner Night 2024

On May 31, 2024, the Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) held its prestigious President’s Dinner Night at Bonar Hall, celebrating students who have contributed significantly to the community through leadership, community building, and fostering a kinder, greener, and more diverse environment.

At the end of every academic year, DUSA recognises those who did a remarkable job throughout the year. Below are the awards which were presented at the President’s Dinner 2024:

Individual awards

School President of the Year – Dani McFawns & Erin MacInnes

SRC Councillor of the Year – Marcus Flucker

Class Rep of the Year –  Kyle Gray

Volunteer of the Year – Olutoun Adebayo

Outstanding contribution to student experience – Chisom Obiwuru

The Norma Fox Award contribution to DUSA – Cal Graham

DUSA President's Dinner Night 2024

Event awards

RAG Event of the Year – Ramadan Iftar 2024

Learn more about how University of Dundee students raised over £13,500 for Islamic Relief work in Gaza.

This special event was made even more memorable as DUSA’s two-term President, Nyasha Mutembwa, served her final days in office. Senior management and executives took the opportunity to express their gratitude for her dedication and hard work throughout her two years of service.

As the present execs pass the torch to the new ones each executive shared heartfelt appreciation for the DUSA team’s support and learning opportunities during their tenure. The atmosphere was filled with gratitude and camaraderie as the night progressed.

As President Nyasha Mutembwa passes the baton to newly elected President Manaswi Budhathoki, DUSA looks forward to supporting and being part of her presidency journey. This President’s Dinner Night marked not only a celebration of students’ achievements but also a milestone in DUSA’s continued commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive community at the University of Dundee. 

DUSA President's Dinner Night 2024

A few words from Nyasha Mutembwa

“After 2 years of service to the student body, I am proud to say I am passing the presidential torch to an exceptional individual who I had the pleasure of working with last year, Manaswi Budhathoki. President’s Dinner was very special to me this year because I aimed to invite everyone who had worked in my team or with my team and then increase the number of interested students from our societies and volunteers who would’ve engaged with DUSA over the last couple of years. Being the first to be re-elected as President in 12 years is a big deal because it highlights an undeniable confidence in my capability to lead, which at the time I didn’t think I had much of in myself. Thank you all for believing in my ability to stand and speak on your behalf. Thank you to my exec teams and the DUSA staff Thank you for the last 2 years.”

About DUSA

DUSA is a student-led organisation dedicated to enhancing the student experience at the University of Dundee. By providing opportunities for leadership development, community engagement, and advocacy, DUSA empowers students to make a positive impact on campus and beyond.

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