DUSA Pioneers Charitable Impact on Circular Economy

Working towards a vision of a Kinder, Greener, Diverse global student community

14 November 2023
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Take a minute to watch a short clip of your DUSA President discussing the circular economy with students on campus. 

DUSA is a charitable organisation founded on the principles of a circular economy, serving students’ needs and interests. The goal of the organisation’s charitable trading is to reduce waste, promote sustainability, and create an inclusive system with a mission of representing students and providing innovative and excellent services that transform their lives.

DUSA circular economy aims to create a regenerative system that not only benefits the student community but also promotes sustainable practices and responsible resource management. The organisation recognises the importance of creating a diverse and equitable environment, ensuring that the benefits of its circular economy initiatives reach all facets of society.

Cheryl-Ann Cruickshank, CEO at DUSA, stated, “Running what would usually be seen as commercial operations, such as Premier @ DUSA, the Liar and our Events, allows DUSA to reinvest any surplus generated from these activities into the services and facilities we provide to students, to improve their overall student experience. 

As a charity, the primary purpose of DUSA running these outlets will always be to serve the interests of our community, by providing a bespoke range of products and services to enhance university life. It’s essentially a circular economy, with all money spent at DUSA outlets staying within the University community to benefit students.

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Priyanka Joshi

Priyanka Joshi is a web content writer and advice & support officer at DUSA.


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