A message from your DUSA President

19 January 2024

Dear UoD students,

As our DUSA members, welcome back to the grind! Welcome back to those who’ve been rockin’ with us since September and a massive hello to the fresh faces joining the Dundee community this January. Brace yourselves for an epic chapter in your uni journey—we can’t wait to meet you! 🚀

Quick heads up: Your School Presidents are here to support you academically and beyond. Shoutout to the 9 school heroes overseeing greatness in each school. They’re MVPs, along with your Student Exec team, elected to ensure your uni experience rocks this year! 🏆

No January gloom here! Your Advice and Support team is here for any concerns, and your Student Exec team has your back in every way possible—mentally, physically, emotionally, you name it. We’re just here for YOU and your student experience!

Now, let’s talk outside academics… Dive into over 240 societies at DUSA and sports clubs at the Institute of Sport and Exercise. For the scoop, hit up your Student Exec team and Sports Union Exec who represent you in every remit you experience in your time with us! Find your groove, and make this ride uniquely yours! Try everything! 🌟

Newbies, we’ve got a killer Welcome program and a Refreshers Fair on Jan 20th in Bonar Hall, 11-5 pm. Sign up for interests, make epic memories, and embrace the January chill. To my veterans, here’s another opportunity to try new things this year!

Stay in the loop! Follow @dusadundee on Instagram for event details and campaigns, and check @dusa.exec to see what our exec team is up to. #DunWELL is dropping info on the incredible work in 23/24 across campus—stay tuned!

Let’s make 2024 a year of awesome vibes, new experiences, and unforgettable memories. Welcome back, everyone! Cheers!

DUSA President


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