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31 January 2024
DUSA Societies

Making friends is always a daunting experience no matter where you find yourself. To help ease the pressure and stress, why not look into joining one of our many societies? These societies bring many different people together, with the goal of shared interests, passions, or ideas. DUSA is proud to be the hub for 145+ award-winning, student-led societies. We support student societies to create new and diverse opportunities on campus; thereby improving the student experience and making it kinder, greener, and more diverse.

Our societies span many different genres, groups, and creeds. From singing and dancing to fundraising to learning and participating in multi-ethnic festivals and events. We are proud to have societies that support your studies and mental health, as well as develop your crafting skills and encourage you to participate in other societies outside your comfort zone. Joining these societies is very easy and many students join multiple societies. You will be able to meet these societies during the refresher’s fair and throughout refresher’s week, as many of them will be hosting events during the week and throughout the academic year. Now, don’t fret if you can’t make it to the refresher’s fair, you can contact the societies via email or their social media pages.

If you’ve gotten this far, that’s amazing but if you’re thinking none of the societies fit your aesthetic and vibe, then you can start your own society or re-activate an inactive society that fits you. If you’d like to restart a society or start your own, please contact the societies team or VPSA at DUSA.

Snapshot of a few DUSA Societies


The Dundee Jewish Society, or Dundee JSoc, aims to provide a safe space for Jewish students to socialise and nosh! (mostly bagels, we love bagels). There may only be a handful of us in Dundee but our Ruach is plenty. We welcome everyone, from curious to religious, regardless of denomination, identity or ethnicity.


Love dancing? Already tasted Latin fire? Or simply eager to try something new? We are a dance sports society that teaches all 5 Latin dances (rumba, samba, cha cha cha, jive & paso doble) that will surely get your blood pumping while having fun in a welcoming environment. All levels are welcome and no need to bring a partner!

We have classes 2 times a week where you will learn fun new steps and techniques to make you look amazing. We also host several events per semester so that you can get to know and have fun with other society members. All of our info can be found on our IG: dundeelatindancing and FB: Dundee Latin Dancing Society. Hope to see you there!


The Save the Children Society is a student-run society created to raise funds and awareness of Save the Children, a global charity with the belief and motive to ensure that every child should have a chance at the future they deserve. Over the past 3 years, we have raised over £2500 in aid of Save the Children and are immensely proud of how far our society has come. We are a dynamic group of students, with a real passion for the cause and are the friendliest bunch you’ll find! We meet every 2 weeks and are always welcoming new members who can take on as much or as little responsibility as they choose!

Our upcoming fundraising events:

• Pub quiz at The Tinsmiths

• Christmas Bingo

• Treasure hunt


The aeronautical society is a place for everyone! No matter what you study or what experience you have, being a part of a drone team is a valuable and fun experience. And planes are cool, aren’t they?

Most of our time, we work on designing and manufacturing drones and planes. However, throughout the year, we also take part in various business and industry events, keeping in touch with companies around the world to find internship opportunities for our members. Being a member of Aero gives you a lot of practical knowledge and skills that look nice on your CV! You can even learn how to fly planes on our flight simulator.

If you’re still doubting, just give it a go! Get in touch with us or come to the society meeting, and we’ll get you involved.

Find us on Instagram @aerodundee or email aerodundee@dundee.ac.uk


Hello! We are the Dundee LGBTQ+ society, a relaxed social society where we do collective activities such as coffee and board games mornings, ice skating, and sewing.

and lots more! We exist to help LGBTQ+ people find each other in university and to provide a fun, safe environment for everyone interested with the hopes some lifelong friends are made! If you are any kind of LGBTQ+ (or even just curious about it all), you are more than welcome to contact us (@uodlgbtqsociety) to find out more about us!


Join in with 14th-century Scottish re-enactment with us! It’s much more fun than a history lesson; we can teach you authentic crafts and pull-blow combat, both of which you can show off at medieval fayres all over the country in the summer months. 
 If you love learning and making new things – along with campfires and camping then re-enactment is something you might love too. We strive to make a fun and relaxed atmosphere during combat training and craft sessions where anyone can just come and chat or have a look at what we’re doing. We’re open to everyone, not just students!


Ready to make a positive impact and join the Low Impact Living Society? If you’re passionate about sustainability and protecting our environment, this is your place!

We make sustainability simple and delicious, gathering over mouthwatering vegan bites at Loco Rita’s. Together, we share valuable insights into living a less consumerist lifestyle. Our combined wisdom covers zero-plastic swaps, recycling secrets, and clever food waste hacks, keeping us updated on the latest sustainable advancements.

Exploring Dundee’s eco-friendly businesses, we’re forging a community of ecoheroes dedicated to their beliefs. Join us for enlightening talks by environmental enthusiasts, clothes sales fundraising, monthly beach cleanups in Broughty Ferry, and an exciting Kombucha workshop coming up in January!

Stay connected with us on Instagram (@lowimpactlivingsoc) and Facebook, or drop us an email at lowimpactliving@dundee.ac.uk. Let’s stand together for sustainability!


LIP theatre is for anyone who has an interest in theatre. As an entirely student-run theatre group, we offer a wide range of opportunities such as writing, directing, acting and production, so there’s something for everybody! Anyone who has a passion or interest in theatre is welcome to join us at our weekly meetings. You can find out more about us and our activities on our Instagram.

Instagram: Liptheatrecompany


Social Digital Society is comprised of mostly Interior, Product and Interaction Design students but we are open to anyone from DJCAD joining us! As a society, we run various events such as Design Sprints, Fundravers, Gaudi and weekly socials to raise funds for the end-of-year Degree Show or our annual Christmas Ball. But more importantly, the Social Digital Society is a great way for our members to make new friends and network with other design students within DJCAD. It’s ideal for bringing together all levels of study and creating a positive and supportive community outside the stress of deadlines and work but still in keeping with our design passion. Sign up to join us for some fun and more details on our upcoming events!


The University of Dundee Hindu Society is a vibrant and inclusive student organisation that serves as a hub for students of all backgrounds to come together in unity and harmony. While its roots are firmly grounded in Hindu culture and spirituality, the society’s mission extends far beyond the sphere of religious boundaries.

At its core, the society fosters a sense of community and belonging. It creates a welcoming space where students can connect, learn, and grow together. Beyond religious events and celebrations, society plays an active role in giving back to the larger community. Members participate in various community service initiatives, promoting social responsibility and a spirit of altruism.

Importantly, the UoD Hindu Society recognises that well-being encompasses more than just religion. The Hindu Society offers support and resources for mindfulness and mental health, acknowledging the importance of holistic wellness. In doing so, providing a safe and supportive environment for students to navigate the challenges of university life as well as a social outlet.

In summary, the UoD Hindu Society stands as a symbol of unity and benevolence, embracing diversity and providing services in the community.

A peak at DUSA society-led events

HOLI – A celebration of cultural togetherness right here in our Dundee

Holi, the Festival of Colours, is a festival widely celebrated in India and across the world. Designed as a day to celebrate the joy of life and spring, it traditionally involves vibrant colours, dynamic music and mouth-watering food – and the celebrations at Dundee organised by the University of Dundee India Society (UDIS) promise much of the same.

Taking place annually during the advent of spring, the Holi celebrations organised by the society are a whole-day spectacle- marshalled by the excellent DJ Jeet, attendees are treated to the latest and greatest Bollywood beats as well as a few apt blasts from the past. With a family-only area and this event being alcohol-free, it serves as a fun day out for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Along with this, they throw colours around at each other – making for stunning Instagram-worthy shots (check out our IG handle @uodindians for more) Marking the end of the day, attendees are treated to scrumptious Indian food and drinks, to leave the event with their hearts and stomachs full. The Holi celebrations at Dundee thus serve a very important purpose – it enables people both attune to Indian culture, and those wanting a taster of the same to experience it whilst also having a fun day out socialising with friends old and new.

BOLLYWOOD CLUB NIGHTS- A Must-Attend Experience

The Dundee University Indian Society (UDIS) weaves a colourful tapestry of lights, music, and dance as they host their much-anticipated Bollywood club nights at DUSA throughout the year. With over 800 attendees flocking to each event last year, these nights have become a brilliant celebration of Indian culture and entertainment on Scottish soil. With the dynamic DJ Jeet from Bollywood Nasha at the helm, brace yourself for an exhilarating night of the latest and greatest Indian numbers that span the diverse musical landscape of the subcontinent. From heart-thumping Punjabi beats to the foot-tapping South Indian Kuthu, DJ Jeet’s carefully curated playlists offer a truly diverse and immersive experience. Beyond being a society event, it stands as a cultural bridge that unites students from diverse backgrounds.

With each passing year, the event’s popularity increases, as more and more individuals are drawn to experience the magic of Bollywood. These events are not just a celebration of Indian cinema and music; they are a celebration of humanity and unity that comes from embracing the beauty of diversity. Follow them over on Instagram for updates: @uodindians


Anime and Gaming Convention


For one Saturday every April, Anime characters, medieval knights and supervillains descend onto Campus for Dee CON, Dundee’s largest Cosplay, gaming and comic convention. 2500 people attend a packed programme of events held across seven venues, including Artist Alley, trader tables, video games tournaments and demos. On the Campus Green, you will find the Board Gaming Marquee and the Medieval Arena, whilst the Dalhousie Building hosts screenings of Anime classics.

However, it is Cosplay that is most popular and Dee CON features masquerades, seminars, a maid café and performances by Cosplay dancers. At night it’s time for the Dee CON After-party featuring a pub quiz, Anime karaoke, Board Games After Dark and DJs playing classic Asian and Western pop and rock. Launched in 2009 by DJCAD Animation students, Dee CON is the biggest student-led event on Campus. If you are interested in getting involved or would like to exhibit please email deecondjcad@gmail.com


Dundee Electronic Music Society

If you thought Scotland’s electronic music scene was connected to the bustling streets of Glasgow and the vibrant clubs of Edinburgh, think again. Dundee has been making its moves, thanks to the pioneering initiative known as DEMS the Dundee Electronic Music Society. From intimate, sweaty basement raves to sun-kissed day parties in Magdalen Green, DEMS has been at the forefront of elevating Dundee’s underground nightlife to unprecedented heights.

DEMS was born from a passion shared by a group of electronic music enthusiasts, united by their desire to inject fresh energy into the city’s burgeoning underground scene. Their journey began with humble open deck nights at the iconic (and now dearly missed) ‘Hunter S Thompson’, where anyone with a USB was welcome to showcase their musical talent. Little did they know that these nights would set the stage for an unprecedented movement into the Scottish music scene.

As DEMS gathered momentum, word of their events spread like wildfire and they set their sights higher by organising a calendar of sold-out events at the infamous ‘Floor 5’ venue in DUSA. With each event, they pushed the boundaries further, breaking bar sales records and turning their passion into a force to be reckoned with.

Their meteoric rise did not go unnoticed, and the music world beyond Dundee started to take notice of their movements. Their growing success and reputation earned them a coveted invitation to play at the illustrious FLY Open Air Festival in Hopetoun House, Edinburgh, a milestone that confirmed their arrival on a national stage. In September, DEMS performed at Cultivate in Aberdeen, performing on the outdoor ‘terrace’ stage. Not content with merely conquering the club scene, DEMS sought to make a profound impact beyond the dancefloor.

Driven by a heartfelt cause, DEMS surpassed all expectations when they began their music festival, raising an incredible £10000 for the Brain Tumour Charity. On a momentous day of Saturday, 1st April 2023, the grounds of the Dundee University Students Union came alive with over 35 acts, including some of the most talented DJs the UK had to offer.

More than just a festival, DEMSFEST became an immersive, community-driven experience featuring Art exhibitions, barber shops, bingos, and other charity events. They also rallied together and raised an astounding £3000 for breast cancer research through their noble partnership with the ‘Boob Team.’ Demonstrating that music can be a catalyst for change, DEMS showed that they were more than just party-throwers; they were a force for good.

So, the next time you find yourself in Dundee or its surroundings, do yourself a favour – seek out DEMS. Keep up to date with their movements on their Instagram @thedemsociety

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