Every year DUSA The Union supports one locally based charity chosen by you. We call this RAG (Raising and Giving).

If you would like to get involved with RAG or show your support just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. All support and donations are greatly appreciated.

RAG 2016/17


This year we received nominations for almost 20 different local charities, which were all reviewed then put to student vote. We are thrilled to announce the winning charity who received the most votes is MS Therapy Center. Located just on Peddie Street, this local charity is dedicated to improving lives of people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Offers Hyperbolic Oxygen Treatment, physio-therapies and other wide range of non-clinical support, allowing people affected by MS the opportunity to manage their symptoms.

Absolutely thrilled to bits to hear that we had been chosen as DUSA RAG Charity 2016/17. We are a small local charity and this is a fantastic opportunity to help us achieve much needed awareness and funds to provide the ongoing support for people living with MS in the Tayside area.

Sheila Mitchell

MS Therapy Centre Manager

Help us make RAG bigger and better!

Getting involved in fundraising for a charity, just like any other volunteering activity, is fun and rewarding experience. Over the past few years, DUSA has run a Raising and Giving (RAG) campaign to generate as much money and awareness for a local charity as possible. This year, with introduction of the new Vice President of Fundraising role designed to take RAG off the ground, the campaign will get the attention it truly deserves. One charity selected by students will become our RAG charity of the year and focus of the fundraising campaign.


Raised so far this year!

DUSA Book Fair – Find your course books secondhand

Every semester DUSA hold a book fair to recycle your course books and help raise money for RAG. If you would like to sell your books please contact vpf@dusa.co.uk or if you’re looking to buy, check out the list of books we have on sale below. Look out for information about our next Book Fair date – coming soon.

E. Finch Legal Skills 3rd Edition From £3
J. E. Penner  &E. Melissaris Jurisprudence From £10.50
A. Steven & S. Wortley Avizandum Statutes on Scots Property, Trusts and Succession Law From £10.00
H. Barnett Understanding Public Law From £10.00
A. Steven Property, Trusts and succession 2nd Edition From £25.00
N. Lowe Bromley’s FAMILY LAW From £25.00
N. Foster EU Law Directions 2nd From £12.50
A. Stroud Making sense of Land Law From £7.50
Craig & De Burca EU law. Text, cases and materials 5th edition From £15.00
H. Carr & S. Carter Skills for Law Students From £13.50
T. Birgham The rule of Law From £5.50
N. McBride Letters to a Law Student From £7.50
G. Black Business Law in Scotland From £20.00
R. Stone The modern law of contract 8th & 9th edition From £10.50
R. Lee Public Law & Human Rights 2011-2012 From £7.50
P.Glazebrook Criminal Law 2011-2012 From £7.50
N. Foster EU Treaties & Legislation 15/16 & 11/12 From £5.00
J. Herring Criminal Law 7th edition From £7.50
A. Mullis Torts From £7.50
G. Slapper The English Legal System From £7.50
G. Stephenson Core Statues on contract, tort, and restitution From £2.00
P. Luther Core Statues on property law 2010-2011 From £16.50
G. Virgo The Principles of Equity & Trusts From £16.50
D. Ormerod Criminal Law From £15.00
JG Riddall Jurisprudence From £10.00
J. Herring Criminal Law 6th edition From £15.00
C. Turpin British Government and the Constitution 6th edition From £5.00
M. Harding Conflict of Law 5th edition From £5.50
S. Hargreaves EU Law 2nd edition From £2.00
P. Cane Administrative law From £2.00
P. Pettit Equity and the Law of Trusts From £10.00
J. Doak Criminal Evidence in Context From £5.00
Sweet & Maxwell Davies: Principles of Tax Law From £10.00
R. Smith Core Statues on public law and civil liberties 2010-2011 From £2.00
White & Willock The Scottish Legal System From £5.00
J. Steele TORT Law text, cases, and materials From £10.00
J. Holland Learning Legal Rules From £2.00
G. Black Woolman on Contract 4th edition From £25.00
L. Macgregor Avizandum Statutes on The Scots Law of obligations 6th From £30.00
B. Rainey et al The European Convention on Human rights From £27.00
R. Lee Public Law & Human Rights 2014-15 From £5.00
D. French Company Law 11/12 From £5.00
P. Ferguson Scots Criminal Law. A critical analysis From £28.00
H. Barnett Constitutional & Administrative Law 10th edition From £40.00
E. Finch Legal Skills 4th Edition From £20.00
J. Herring Criminal Law 8th edition From £15.00
N. Foster EU Law Directions 3rd edition From £20.00
G. Williams Learning The Law From £5.00
C. Walker The Anti-Terrorism Legislation From £10.00
S. Hargreaves EU Law 2nd edition From £2.00
J. Martin EU Law 2nd edition From £ 2.00
Maths and Engineering
G. James Modern Engineering Mathematics From £30.00
H. Anton et al CALCULUS 8th edition From £30.00
Sears and Zemansky University Physics 13th edition From £40.00
R. Emanuel Advanced Maths. As core for Edexcel From £7.00
Geography and Environmental Science
G. James Modern Engineering Mathematics From £30.00
H. Anton et al CALCULUS 8th edition From £30.00
Sears and Zemansky University Physics 13th edition From £40.00
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Psychology and Languages
E. Preece Biological Psychology From £8.00
Ortega Exacto! (Spanish) From £11.00
Hueber Themen 3 Arbeitsbuch (German) From £3.00
Hueber Themen 3 Kursbuch (German) From £3.00
A. Colman Dictionary of Psychology tbc
P. Kneale Study Skills for Geography, Earth & Environmental Science tbc
H. Doncha Tbc tbc
A. Northledge The Sciences Good Study Guide tbc
F. Sani Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology tbc
N. Holt etc. Psychology the Science of the mind 3rd edition tbc
Accounting and Economics
W. Barber A history of Economic Thought From £4.00
P. Krugman The return of Depression Economics From £10.00
A. Golsbee Microeconomics From £22.00
J. Bebbington Financial Accounting Practise and Principles 3rd edition From £10.00
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Business Management and Marketing
J. Morrison The Global Business Environment From £19.00
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History, English, Politics and Philosophy
M. KishLansky Civilization in the West From £10.00
T. Grant From Revolution to counter – revolution From £2.00
A. Green & K. Troup The houses of History From £7.00
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The Norton Antology: English Literature 16th / early 17th century From £7.00
The Norton Antology: English Literature Middle Ages From £7.00
The Norton Antology: English Literature The Restoration and the 18th Century From £7.00
Devine & Wormald Modern Scottish History (Oxford Handbook) From £30.50
J. Layer Lenin: Liberator or Oppressor From £2.00
S. Goliber The Western World From £1.50
F. Carnevali & J.M. Strange 20th Century Britain (2nd edition) From £8.00
M. Malia History’s Locomotives: Revolutions and the Makings of the Modern World From £2.00
S. White, R. Sakwa, H.E. Hale Developments in Russian Politics From £2.00
J. Baylis, S.Smiths, P. Owens The Globalisation of World Politics From £8.00
R. Leach, B. Coxall, L. Robins British Politics From £22.00
B. Jones et al Politics UK (6th ed.) From £17.00
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R. Sakwa, A. Stevens Contemporary Europe (2nd ed.) From £9.50
J. Baylis, S. Smith, P. Owens The Globalisation of World Politics From £25.00
M. Moran Politics and Governance in the UK (2nd ed.) From £10.00
E. Foner Give me Liberty: An American History (Vol. 2) From £4.50
J. Kay Trumpet From £2.00
R. Matheson I Am Legend From £3.00
E. McEwan Saturday From £3.00
D. Greig Dunsinane From £5.00
J. Robertson Joseph Knight From £2.00
H. Strachan The First World War From £8.00
C. Achebe Things Fall Apart From £2.00
C. Churchill Top Girls From £2.00
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C.M.M. MacDonald Whaur Extremes Meet: Scotlands 20th Century From £18.00
Plato Five Dialogues From £3.00
D. K. Richter Before the Revolution From £7.50
C. Levis-Strauss Tristess Tropiques From £4.00
L. K. Hamilton A Stroke of Midnight From £3.00
M. Jopson The Science of Everyday Life From £4.00
K. McMillan, J. Weyers The Smarter Student From £5.00
Oxford Primary Dictionary From £4.00
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British National Formulary From £2.00
M. Naidoo, R. Bullock An Integrated Care Pathway for Dementia From £2.00
T. Gerritsen Call After Midnight From £2.50
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C. Ryans SAS Fitness Book From £3.00
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N. Pickard The Virgin of Small Plains From £1.50
S. Sarginson The Twins From £1.00
N. Sparks The Rescue From £2.00
Miss A. Dean A Woman of Consequences From £1.50
R. Shapero Too far From £3.00
G. Greenwood The Ghost Lover From £1.50
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T. Gerritson Body Double From £2.50
HMIe Improving Scottish Education From £2.00
Lonely Planet Pocket Barcelona From £4.00
J. Cookson, D. Taylor, C. Katona Use of Drugs in Psychiatry From £2.00
BNF for Children From £2.00
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S. King Geralds Game From £2.00
J. Kerouac On the Road From £1.00
W. Landlay Defending Jacob From £1.00
W. Smith The Sunbird/ The Diamond Hunters From £2.00
S. Lovestone Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease From £2.00

Our Previous RAG Charities

Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukemia

£4100 raised in 2012/13

Help for Kids

£13000 raised in 2013/14

The Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre

£3500 raised in 2014/15

Children of Rwanda

£8500 raised in 2015/16

Want to get Involved?

RAG is always looking for volunteers and for a new ways to increase involvement and awareness. So if fundraising is your passion, or you have a suggestion then please get in touch! Try out something new, learn some simple ways to give back, help others by making lifelong friends and have an amazing time whilst doing it! Want some more information or advice? Just fill out this form and our VPF will get in touch soon.

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