Every year DUSA The Union supports one locally based charity chosen by you. We call this RAG (Raising and Giving).

This Year’s RAG Charity

Dundee Marrow This is a small student branch of the national charity, Anthony Nolan. At marrow they sign up willing volunteers to the register on behalf of Anthony Nolan (by spitting in a tube). If a potential donor is found to be a match for a patient on the bone marrow list, they are contacted by Anthony Nolan and asked to give a one-time donation of bone marrow or stem cells. Donors save hundreds of lives each year. They have set goals to raise more awareness for blood diseases and for the work that Anthony Nolan does and raising funds for recruiting more donors.

Their vision: To save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant.

Raised so far this year!

Help us make RAG bigger and better!

Getting involved in fundraising for a charity, just like any other volunteering activity, is fun and rewarding experience. Over the past few years, DUSA has run a Raising and Giving (RAG) campaign to generate as much money and awareness for a local charity as possible. This year, with introduction of the new Vice President of Fundraising role designed to take RAG off the ground, the campaign will get the attention it truly deserves. One charity selected by students will become our RAG charity of the year and focus of the fundraising campaign.

Raised in 2016/2017 for MS Therapy Centre Manager

Our Previous RAG Charities

Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukemia

£4100 raised in 2012/13

Help for Kids

£13000 raised in 2013/14

The Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre

£3500 raised in 2014/15

Children of Rwanda

£8500 raised in 2015/16