Class Reps

Be the voice of your class.

If you have an idea to improve student life, you can tell your Student Reps through SRC Online.

What are Class Reps?

The University of Dundee has one of the highest student satisfaction rates for for learning, teaching and assessment in the UK; and Class Representatives are essential to ensuring Dundee stays at the top.

Class Representatives (Class Reps) allow students to have a voice and to raise concerns, issues and areas of improvement. It is the Class Reps job to feedback totheir School, School President and to DUSA about their learning experience.

The Class Rep also works with student representatives, teachers and School staff to find solutions to problems and makes sure their classmates know about the actions taken.

Class Rep Training

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Job Description

Class Rep Job Description 2017

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What questions could I ask?


You will get access to online training which will be available from the start of the academic year 2017/18. DUSA Executive and your School President are also available to provide you with support throughout your time as a Class Rep.


Becoming a Class Rep dose carry with it responsibilities and you will be expected to pull your weight across the year. Taking on the role allows you to apply and undertake the University’s Employability programme “DundeePlus” and become accredited.

Got an Idea to Improve Student Life?

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