Student Led Teaching Awards

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This award goes to someone who has worked alongside you to develop your academic performance through written or verbal feedback on your work (assessments/examinations). This individual will be someone who has taken the time to carefully explain how you can improve your approach to assessments, develop new academic skills and empower you to implement them.

This award recognises individuals that have provided an inclusive environment for all students and championed a diverse learning space in which everyone feels comfortable to share their physical and mental needs, and where cultural beliefs and thoughts are being considered. We are seeking someone who has excelled in demonstrating the University’s equality and diversity culture or implemented initiatives to ensure equality, diversity and inclusivity is commonplace. This Award is open to any member of staff at the university, not just Academic and teaching staff.

An outstanding postgraduate supervisor is someone who ensures that your learning experience is the best it can be. This award goes to the supervisor who has excelled at guiding you through your academic Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research journey; they have provided you with support, advice, and direction.

This award celebrates advisers who maintain contact with their students and help them effectively resolve any major problems they encounter during their University career. This award goes to the adviser who is approachable, proactive, and supportive when it comes to addressing students’ concerns and always has the students’ best interests at heart. This adviser is a person who listens to you, has a good knowledge of University Services, and has provided you with valuable input which has helped you achieve your academic goals.


Delivering the learning experience is supported by many different staff teams and we are looking for one team who has gone above and beyond to ensure you have the best year possible. This award goes to the team that has gone above and beyond to support you and your classmates have the opportunity to excel in face of emerging challenges. This could be a team developing and delivering your programme, improving its effectiveness, a team that makes your University experience relaxed and safe, a team within Student Services or even a team within your school, tell us how have they assisted you in your academic journey. 


This award recognises a member of staff, academic or non-academic, who worked hard to support students and help promote positive mental wellbeing and care. This person is an outstanding individual who has committed to support students beyond their academic studies. This is an individual who has contributed and enhanced your academic journey by providing advice, direction, taught you important skills and been there to direct you when you were lost. The staff that can be included in this award are Student Services, administration staff, professional staff, technical staff, practitioners, extra-curricular support staff, facilities and security staff.

This award recognises the work of an individual staff member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the employability or personal and professional development of students. This can be a placement provider, personal tutor, lecturer or any other staff member at UoD.

This award goes to a member of the teaching staff who has engaged and inspired the students, who has recognise the need for doing it differently and explored new and innovative ways of teaching. This is an individual who is passionate about their subject and that has empowered you as a student to take ownership of your learning by supporting you to maximise your academic potential and love for a subject pushing you beyond your limits and to excel.

This award recognises a member of staff who continuously works hard to ensure that the curriculum and their teaching are accessible for all students. The award goes to a member of staff who has provided an outstanding student experience for those studying on the course or programme.

This award is for that member of staff (teaching or non-teaching) who went that extra-mile, it’s for that person who you, as a student, can’t put in a category, but you wish to recognise, applaud and thank for their support and commitment to the student experience.