Core Pre-Matriculation Awareness Module

Proposal for Future Implementation

The Proposal

The principal objective of this proposal is to call upon the University to plan for the future implementation of a core pre-matriculation awareness module. The proposed module would include critical and interactive content on four topics (including signposting to internal and external resources or services). Those topics are: 

1. Gender Based Violence and Consent
2. Equality Diversity and Inclusion
3. Climate Change and Sustainable Action
4. Academic Integrity

There are two surveys below. One is student-led and the other is led by DUSA.  We would appreciate you completing both if you do have the time.

A proposal paper is currently being developed by a working group, which will then be submitted to the university. The paper will include this survey data, and also present the underlying rationale, research, proposed structures and alternative recommendations. The proposed structure of the module will by no means act as the final design. It is inevitable that several consultations will need to take place with different stakeholders and student services, and various student groups may need to be formed to contribute to the modules layout and content. This will be a large effort, and will take a considerable amount of time, hence why the paper and all related campaigning refers to future implementation. 

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