Dundee University Students’ Association is hosting a special event on Saturday 27 November designed to show a strength and collective demand for freedom from gender based violence.

We Own The Night will see 15 hours, from 12pm until 3am, of workshops and entertainment, that will send a clear message that gender-based violence is unacceptable. From learning about consent and self-defence, to celebrating with female DJs and sing-along parties, DUSA is shouting out for an end to gender based violence.

The event is about highlighting the reality of gender based violence and saying loud and clear that it is everyone’s responsibility to take an interest and see gender based violence as an important issue  that we all have a role in eradicating. It’s about giving the clear message that violence is never acceptable, it’s about reclaiming spaces for all genders – after dark and during the day – rejecting victim blaming and creating the expectation that all genders should have as much freedom in the way they behave as each other.

Along with their gender, women, girls and transgender people have other protected characteristics that increases their level of risk of experiencing violence and abuse. Drivers include continuing prejudice and structural barriers in society which cause inequality. LGBTQI+ people experience violence and abuse that targets their sexual orientation, gender identity or both.

The We Own The Night event is open to the whole community.  I believe that changes can be made to end gender-based violence and want everyone who visits DUSA to enjoy positive healthy relationships and to do so safe in the knowledge that we care, we are listening, and we will always support you. We must make it clear in everything that we say and do that gender-based violence in any shape or form will not be tolerated by DUSA.

Cheryl Ann Cruickshank


At DUSA we have a zero-tolerance stance on violence of any kind, particularly gender based violence. Whilst we have an abundance of support and help on offer, everything from a free night bus that picks up and drops off students to and from campus, being a designated Safe Place, being a third-party reporting site and having staff trained in the Ask for Angela initiative, we still recognise that more needs to be done to ensure everyone is safe, respected and equal in our community.

Gender based violence, in any form, has no place in our community and at DUSA we are playing our part in trying to eradicate it once and for all. We Own The Night sets out our vision to take action on all forms of violence.

Every area of society has an important role to play in tackling this issue. As a charity that supports students who are away from home and often affected by violence, it is our hope that DUSA can help put an end to it.

Dimitris Vidakis

President, DUSA

DUSA will be donating funds raised through the event to their Charity of the Year, Dundee Women’s Aid.


For further information or to request interviews, please contact Sarah Craig, Marketing and Communications Manager at scraig@dusa.co.uk