Pay It Forward With a Post-It

11 February 2022

From 14th February 2022

Paying it forward at a coffee shop isn’t a new idea, but DUSA has made it even easier to buy a drink for someone in need of some kindness.

Usually the idea is you pay for two drinks instead of one, so if someone wants a drink but can’t afford it, they can ask to use the ‘pay it forward’ bank instead. But DUSA has taken that concept and created the ‘pay with a Post-it system.

People with a little extra cash can pay for a Post-it, add a message and stick it to the board, while those who could use a little cheering up, take a note and use it to pay.

Sylwia Slawicka, an Advice and Support Officer with DUSA, said,

“People can look like they’re doing fine but you can’t judge a book by its cover. Picking up a coffee could be one little thing that just lifts someone’s day and makes that difference.

“Here at DUSA, we are a home away from home for students and located in the heart of campus.  I really want us to be a hub for the student community. We have ambitions to be kinder and this is the perfect example of that – you don’t have to have any money for a coffee but you can still come in, there’s a drink there for you and there’s always someone here to have a chat to.

‘‘Kindness can be so easy to spread. I cannot wait to watch it grow and for our board to be covered in Post-its.  Can you imagine a world where everyone shared what they had, shared love freely and created smiles so easily!?’’

Amarachi Ejim, Vice President of Student Wellbeing, added,

‘‘The pay it forward coffee idea works really easily and discreetly – customers who want to buy another coffee just pay for it when they buy their own, then a sticky note is put on DUSA’s Pay It Forward Board in Pavement Cafe and anyone wanting to claim the coffee takes the note and hands it over the counter.

“All they need to do is come in and take a post-it off the board, hand it to one of our staff and say, ‘can I get one of these?’ It’s as simple as that. There’s no fuss, other customers wouldn’t even notice, so we want to stress that people don’t have to feel embarrassed or too proud to do it.

‘‘Anyone buying a second cup is given the option to write a little note like smile, have a lovely day, you are worth it – to whoever claims it. The person receiving the coffee can also leave a thank-you note if they like.’’

The Pay It Forward coffee scheme starts on 14 February with the vouchers redeemable in Pavement Café and The Liar.