MenACWY – Should I get the vaccine before starting university?

September 2, 2015 | DUSA The Union

Students starting university for the first time are at an increased risk of MenACWY disease because they are more likely to stay in halls of residence and have more close contact with new students, especially during freshers’ week. You are eligible for the vaccine if you are under 25 years old and attending university for the first time. You may recently have had a MenC vaccine to protect you against meningococcal C infection but this will not protect you against MenW. Having the MenACWY vaccine after getting the MenC vaccine will not only give you better protection against MenC infection, but will also protect you against the other three meningococcal groups (A, W and Y).

It is important if you are an eligible university student, including if you are a international student, that you are immunised at least 2 weeks before you attend university to make sure your immunity has fully built up. You should contact your GP practice for immunisation from mid-August. If you did not get immunised before leaving for university you can register with a new GP practice once you arrive and arrange to get the vaccine there as soon as possible, ideally in freshers’ week and no later than 31 October.

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