Installing microwaves in the DJCAD canteen and library

Author: Joanna Walke
Position: President of DJCAD
Seconder: Marlon D’Ambrosio, Dani Mcfawns and Lily Bremer
Position: President of Science and Engineering, President of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law School, Vice President of Life Sciences


Many of the schools and libraries on campus have microwaves to allow students to bring in their own lunches and have a hot meal. However, the canteen and library within DJCAD (Ducan of Jordanstone Collage of Art & Design) lacks these facilities and this is negatively affecting the students who use the building.

This motion calls to put microwaves in DJCAD canteen and the café area of the DJCAD library. This would allow students to save money, encourage having a filling meal at lunch time.

General information and implementation

Many students complain about the lack of microwaves in DJCAD. They would be a small but incredibly beneficial addition to the canteen and library area. There would need to be two or three microwaves to avoid complaints about waiting times. Signs would be put up to encourage safe use and good hygiene practices. The microwaves would be provided by DUSA, but DJCAD has also said that they can help to cover costs.

It is understandable that DUSA would be reluctant to do this as it could draw away money from the canteen but if anything, it would create more foot traffic through the canteen and encourage people to use the space.

It would be nice to have a sign saying who the microwaves were provided by so that students feel as though their voices are being heard. This would create more trust between students, the school and DUSA.

Conclusion and motion

The motion requests that the SRC supports the addition of microwaves to the DJCAD canteen and library by DUSA to allow students to save money and encourage hot, filling meals at lunch.