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Who are Student Leaders?

Student representation is a vital part of why DUSA and the University of Dundee continue to provide one of the best learning experiences in Scotland. Leading the collective student voice on campus, these elected, voluntary positions influence your school, DUSA and the University by ensuring that key decisions makers understand the student experience and contributing to improve it. Any UoD matriculated student who is continuing their studies during the 2022-23 academic year can apply and stand for these roles. This is a great opportunity to develop your professional skills as well as helping to enhance the student experience.

DUSA Executive

If you’re looking for a full-time role check out the DUSA Executive – perfect if you’re graduating or want to take a year out of studies.

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Representation Roles

You can only apply for one of the following roles, so choose carefully.

School President

Want to be the lead representative in your school?
Run for School President

School Presidents work closely with your school’s Vice Presidents, Class Reps and academic staff to ensure representation reaches every level in your School.

This opportunity allows you to achieve change by working with your school on student issues, attending important School meetings and by being a voting member of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

To run you need to be a registered student of the School you wish to be School President for.

Voluntary role 

The School President has a range of important tasks that they take on and it is a role that can demand a lot of time and dedication.

Tasks include:

  • Work with your Vice Presidents and Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) to develop a School Partnership Action Plan and undertake activities which meet agreed aims and objectives
  • Work with your Vice Presidents and Class Reps to take forward important activities, actions and campaigns which enhance the student learning experience within the School
  • Regularly report on important developments, challenges and achievements within the School
  • Assist the School administrative lead with the gathering of nominations and election of class representatives and Vice Presidents ensuring a democratic procedure is followed
  • Chair the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (depending on the School’s arrangements)
  • Attend the SRC and ensure your students voice is heard in decisions.
  • Take the lead on any issues that are raised through the student representation system in the School

SRC Chairperson

Voluntary role

The Chair of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) not only acts as the facilitator of the Council but ensures that meetings are fair, impartial and an open platform for discussion and debate.

It is the Chair’s duty to ensure that conduct is maintained and SRC councillors work together for the best interest of the students. The Chair assists in the organisation and overall awareness of SRC councillors on campus.

The Chair is also invited to attend of DUSA’s Board of Trustees to represent the SRC at Board meetings. Training is also provided to the Chair to undertake the role effectively,

Independent Member of Court

Voluntary role

The Independent Member of Court (IMC) sits on University Court, the highest governing body at the University of Dundee, providing an independent voice to ensure that the student body’s opinion is being heard.

The IMC works closely with student representatives to collect important feedback about the student experience and applies this knowledge when debating matters at Court meetings.

This position is voluntary and the post holder will undertake its duties alongside their studies. This role also gives them a seat on the Students’ Representative Council, the highest body of student representation at the University of Dundee.