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Getting involved in fundraising is not only fun, but it is also an amazing volunteering opportunity. As the Vice President of Fundraising, you will help DUSA to run Raising and Giving (RAG), which allows you to give back to not only the local community but throughout the world with the many opportunities that you could offer students.

You will get to coordinate ways that will allow you to raise as much money as you can for the nominated DUSA charity of the year along with other charities that you decide to partner with through challenges. This will all be done as a non-sabbatical executive, which means you will do this role alongside your studies.

Do not worry you will not be doing this alone as you get a committee to help you with fundraising ventures and you will have the help of your fellow DUSA Executive to support you with events and promotion. This will allow you to have a lot of freedom to produce campaigns and events that coincide with our strategic plan and charitable objectives.


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