A Day in the life of a Non-Sabb

April 14, 2014 | DUSA The Union


As you will be aware the DUSA Exec isn’t just made up of full time paid positions; there are in fact three non-sabbatical positions – the Vice President of Student Welfare, Vice President of Engagement and of course the most important one the Honorary Secretary, which is my position.

So what do I do in an average day you say? Being a non-sabb means that much like you I am still trying to get that all important degree, and for me I am in my third year of my Politics degree and also have exams coming up. Though Honorary Secretary doesn’t have the word ‘president’ in it; it still is a vital position on the Exec.

My role boils down to two main functions. The first is that I organise and run all the disciplinary procedures within the building. The Union is the safest night club in Dundee and one of the safest in Scotland and I like to think that the process that I oversee is a big part of it. If you ever do anything against the code of conduct then there is process where you are judged by a panel of your peers.

The other half of my job is convening the Student Representative Council which is one of the highest forms of representation on campus. The SRC talks about issues that directly affect you. For example the recent 24 hour access of library was a direct result of lobbying from the SRC.

The worst thing about this job is that to make sure that I fit everything in, I am up at half seven nearly every day. Every student’s nightmare! With the job comes an office, which has become not only a place of DUSA work but has also been a great place when it comes to studying.

So as you can imagine I am in the office a lot of the time. Sometimes more than the sabbs! This has helped fuel a dangerous habit. Air food has become a staple in my diet where some days I am having breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s more of a testament to the quality of the food more than anything else though!