Former DUSA Exec member now the face of Irn-Bru!

July 18, 2014 | DUSA The Union


A former Honorary Secretary of DUSA, Gary Cocker, has been chosen to represent Dundee as part of Irn Bru’s new advertising campaign to run alongside the Commonwealth Games. You’ll be able to find pictures of Gary around Dundee on billboards and bus shelters for the next few weeks. The “Born to Support” campaign was designed to find Scotland’s biggest supporters, and Gary certainly fits the bill. Adrian Troy from AG Barr, the makers of Irn Bru said, “Gary’s entry to star in our new ad campaign really proved he’s the ultimate Born Supporter. Despite being on holiday during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Gary still intends to don his kilt and support team Scotland from a far.”

We in DUSA know how much of a fan of Irn Bru Gary is, when he was on the Exec he was well known for visiting Air or The Liar and buying dozens of cans of the national drink of Scotland.