Personalising your University Room

October 21, 2014 | DUSA The Union

One of the most exciting things about starting university life as a student is finding out where you will be living, but don’t be put off by thread-bare carpets and chipped paint! It’s important to make a room feel like your own space, and feeling comfortable is a great way to quell the homesickness pangs. Living away from home for the first time can be daunting, so it is important to bring a little bit of home with you.
So, how do you decorate a small, tatty space so that its feel like home?

Make it Your Own: Use posters that you want to look at and pictures that make you smile. Use a colour scheme that appeals to you; choose bedding in your favourite colour and add bold curtains in similar hues to add more colour splashes and keep the light out. White walls are another excellent example of how you can add your favourite colour in your room. Hang colourful pictures or create a feature wall by applying funky wallpaper on it to make it the focal point of the room.


Photo: Photowall

Decorate with Photos: Having photographs of your friends and family back at home is a great way to help to make a bleak hall of residence feel more like home. You can stick them straight on the wall with blu tack or pin them on a notice board if you want to spare yourself from having to clean up the walls when you leave the room.


Photo: Flickr

Keep it Tidy: It’s vital to ensure you de-clutter your room, as a small area filled with magazines and empty noodle packets will soon start to feel claustrophobic. Making the most of a small space can be done by using clever storage systems as well as handy gadgets such as wall-mounted lamps rather than desktop lamps.
Let the Light in: Natural light can instantly lift your mood and make you feel refreshed and ready for the day, so open the curtains and take down any nets that are blocking the light. If you find you do a lot of studying at night, make sure you have lamps with bright bulbs to lift the overall mood in the room.


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Use Unique Décor: Customising your room is a fun way to make your room really feel like your own and you can show off your personality by adding your own quirky belongings. Use wall stickers as a cheap way to decorate, be creative and use a coat hanger to hang your ‘sunnies’ and keys on, put flowers in your old beer bottles and hang some fairy lights to give your room an edgy look.
Making your student room as awesome as it is comfortable is a great way to ease yourself into student life. Bringing a little bit of your home into your room is a good way to make you feel more comfortable, and living like a student doesn’t mean you have to live in a dark, cluttered, bare room.