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Yoyo Wallet

Easy pay, easy go.
Make payments simple and fast on your mobile.

Yoyo Wallet

Automatically collect points and stamps without the hassle of having to think about it.

Yoyo Wallet

Get your Black Card directly in Yoyo Wallet.

Yoyo Wallet

Instantly receive vouchers for rewards and in-app purchases.
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Fast Payments

With Yoyo Wallet you simply connect your debit, credit card or Apple Pay once and then use your mobile to make super fast payments.
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Just take your phone and keep everything in one place and gain zero additional wallet weight. Simple.

Ultra secure

We know your personal and financial information is important. That’s why none of your card details are held on your phone or even by Yoyo – they’re held under lock & key by our super secure Payment Service Providers.

To process your payments Yoyo use a Payment Service Provider called Stripe, who sends a token that represents your payment details.

Imagine every time you went to use your card it had a different 16 digits. When paying Yoyo send a different token to the one that Stripe provides to represents your payment details, so that’s now a double tokenised system. Yoyo has made paying ultra secure.

Earn Rewards

With Yoyo Wallet, you will still get that free coffee when you fill up the stamp card.

Digital Receipts

Yoyo only use the finest digital trees for our receipts, which we stick straight in your wallet.