I want to offer a huge welcome to all the students that already have, and will, make their way to Dundee in the coming days to start their university journey! Dundee is a great little city and I’m sure you’ll make it your home.

The University of Dundee is a world-class institution that regularly appears at the top of many rankings for our teaching and our research programs. You’ve made a fantastic choice in choosing to study in Dundee and I hope you’ll make the most of your time with us.

COVID-19 has presented many challenges in this unprecedented year, but your university and your Students Association have been working tirelessly over the summer to make sure you have the best student experience possible, both on campus and online. We are here to support you during your time with us, both in regard to your degree and through the challenges presented by COVID.

Dundee University Students Association (DUSA) will be a crucial part of your student experience as we enter into the next academic year. DUSA work throughout the university, but primarily from our building at the heart of the Dundee Campus. Our building consists of a cafe, three bars, a games room and an outside Terrace that will give you countless opportunities to sit and socialize in-person. We will be fully utilizing these venues, within Government Guidance, to give you the best Freshers Week we can, with a number of in-person and online events to help you make yourself at home!

Outwith this, DUSA is home to two hundred student groups (societies) that will help you meet people that share your interests, and hopefully, help you develop new ones! We will be helping support these societies to put on amazing online events, and as health guidance lifts, in-person events to give you some amazing experiences. To learn more about the Societies that you can join, visit DUSA’s Society A-Z Guide or attend our Virtual Freshers Fair on October 10th to speak to them yourself!

DUSA is here to work with the university to make sure your student experience is the best it can be, and we do this through our Representation structure! We do this through our Class Reps, Student Presidents and Student Representative Council! For those of you that are interested in getting involved and making real, positive change at your university, I recommend you run in the upcoming student elections, and you can keep up with updates through DUSA’s Social Media. Our Student reps attend meetings and put across your voice at all levels of the university, and it could be you!

Alongside this, there is so much support available for you. DUSA itself offers a free advice service that can offer support in the areas of welfare, academia and housing. We also work closely with the Student Services department to assist in a wide range of areas! 

University not only gives you an education, but it gives you the chance to meet life-long friends and have some incredible experiences along the way! I hope you have an amazing Freshers Week and make the most of the opportunities at your fingertips, whilst sticking to our COVID Code and Government guidance. See you soon!

Scott Quinn

DUSA President